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Interactive Graffiti Wall

booking highlights

   No-mess, high-tech graffiti artistry

   IR spray cans for realistic experience

   Unique event photo entertainment

   Instant prints and social sharing

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Transform your next event into an art studio without borders with our interactive graffiti wall. Unleash your guests' creativity on a grand scale! Our 7'5" tall by 10' wide digital canvas offers an immersive experience that combines the thrill of street art with the magic of modern technology.

This isn't just any graffiti experience—our interactive digital graffiti wall allows guests to express themselves with IR-enabled spray cans emitting only infrared light. Say goodbye to paint fumes and messy spills and hello to clean, exhilarating fun. The result? Stunning, vibrant artwork that's as safe as it is mesmerizing, perfect for guests of all ages.

Our graffiti wall interactive experience goes beyond mere decoration. It's a SHOOT, PAINT, PRINT, and SHARE adventure that delights guests and leaves them with a tangible memory of the event. With the ability to capture group photos of up to 10 people, personalize them with digital spray paint, and then share these works of art via social media or email, we provide a full-service entertainment package that will impress.

Whether planning a corporate gala, a wedding, or a community festival, booking our interactive graffiti wall means providing an unforgettable and innovative activity that will keep your guests talking and sharing long after the lights go down. Get ready to make your event the epitome of cutting-edge fun with a splash of color and a dash of digital genius.