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Mime Artist

Mime Artist

Bring a touch of classic entertainment to your event with our Mime Artists! From humorous skits to intimate interactions, they provide a versatile entertainment experience. Perfect for any event, from corporate functions to private parties. Hire a Mime Artist today


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Mime Artists are a versatile entertainment option for your event. They can perform humorous skits, vaudeville routines, and magic as your featured entertainment, or they can mingle with your guests, providing a more intimate and personal entertainment experience. They can even offer workshops that teach your guests a few tricks of the trade.

Our Mime Artists can customize their performances for your event. They can wear traditional mime makeup, perform as a character, or appear like any other guest. They can use your products or honored guest as prop or get your guests involved in their skits. However you choose to use them, our Mime Artists will create lasting memories for your guests.