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Sand Artist

Sand Artist

Create a captivating visual narrative at your event with our Sand Artists! Using sand as their medium, our artists create stunning visuals that tell a story, enhanced with specialty lighting and accompanied by music. Perfect for brand reveals, corporate events, or any occasion that calls for a visually stunning display. Create a memorable event with our Sand Artists. Hire a Sand Artist today


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Sand Animation Artists from Altus bring a unique “something special” to your brand reveal. Watching these artists at work will fascinate and amaze your guests.

Our Sand Animation artists do not work with just traditional sand but also employ multi-colored ones as well. When specialty lighting is added to these creations, the final product is beyond stunning! Oftentimes your company’s history and story are created in this medium to be furthered enhanced with music and sound effects. Brand reveals are a natural along with logos, special designs, VIP portraits, and story boards. Videotaping of these artists working on their creations is encouraged to preserve and memorialize an incredible event.