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Elevate your brand with Altus Entertainment’s unparalleled brand launch entertainment, meticulously crafted to mirror your brand's essence. Our brand entertainment hired acts seamlessly integrate your brand into their performances, costumes, and scripts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our entertainers offer a diverse range of performances, from dance and theater to acrobatics and magic, all tailored to embody and elevate your brand's image.

Absolutely! Our entertainers work closely with clients to ensure the performance aligns with the brand's unique identity, theme, and message.

Our entertainers can use the brand's logo or product as props, integrate them into their costumes, or design acts that mirror the brand's essence, ensuring a seamless brand-centric experience.

Certainly! Depending on the scale and requirements of your event, we can provide multiple entertainers to ensure maximum impact.

Acts List

Women wearing illuminated outfits in a group | Altus Entertainment
New York LED Dress Dancers
Award-winning performance recognized for innovation and impact,Captivating LED dress designs that bring a new dimension to dance,A versatile act perfect for high-end nightlife events and private functions,A troupe with a track record of excellence and creativity in the dance industry,One-of-a-kind LED Dance Performance that merges cabaret glamour with modern LED technology
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A stunning LED performer dazzles while holding a frisbee. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning LED Act
Excitement from traditional hoops combined with jaw-dropping light,Will light up any dark room or night time event with vibrant and eye-catching colors.,Amazing hula hoop artist is perfect for festivals, corporate events and more,Mesmerizing act available to glow at bookings worldwide , LED hula hoops, poi, levitation wand, and fans
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A playful caricaturist holding up a caricature. | Altus Entertainment
Playful Caricaturist
Talented black and white and color caricaturist,Personalized caricature papers with logos or names,Offers a digital option to create caricature portraits,Can draw a live caricature in under a minute ,Unique and interactive alternative to traditional event photography
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Female performers holding drums on stage during a live entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Female Drumline
Flexible performance with as few as 4 drummers to as many as 12,Electrifying all-female drumline performance,Glow-in-the-dark aesthetic for unforgettable shows,Celebration of rhythm and female power
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Latest Technology Acts featuring Laser Show Performers showcasing mesmerizing green and blue lights in a dark room. | Altus Entertainment
Laser Show Performers
Dynamic laser combat performances,Artistry in 360-degree laser illusions,Innovators in laser show entertainment,Customizable finales with logo displays,Pioneers of futuristic performance art
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Brandable Soda or Beer Can Bar | Altus Entertainment
Brandable Soda or Beer Can Bar
Customizable with your brand graphics,Immense and eye-catching beverage spectacle,Mobile bar experience with a fun twist,Unique theme for memorable events
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A female artist skillfully painting a vibrant rooster on an easel for an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Speed Painter Act
Engaging live speed painting that involves and entertains attendees,Customizable canvases tailored to specific event themes, including corporate branding,Ideal for a wide range of events, from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate functions,Provides a complete setup for both indoor and outdoor venues, ensuring hassle-free entertainment,Based in Dubai with availability for international events, offering a global artistic touch
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A collection of black and gold calligraphy cards perfect for Convention and Conference Entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Calligraphy and Product Customization
Over a decade of industry experience,Versatile in event calligraphy and engraving,Personalized artistry for memorable gifts,Customizable to promote your brand,Combining traditional art with modern elegance
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Digital caricature of a man holding an iPad for art-based entertainment at corporate events. | Altus Entertainment
Event Caricaturist
Professional caricature with over 10 years of experience providing services to various events,Offers a diverse array of services including watercolor caricatures, digital caricatures, illustrations, logo designs, character development, and more,Perfect addition to any event, from corporate gatherings and theme parks to private parties and festivals
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Book Brand Reveal Entertainment For Events and Parties

Altus Entertainment specializes in providing custom entertainment solutions designed to spotlight your brand's unique identity during its pivotal launch phase.

Our talented product reveal entertainers are skilled at crafting performances that embody and elevate your brand's image. Through meticulously designed costumes and ingeniously integrated logo reveal entertainment within their sets, they bring your brand to life in ways that resonate with your audience. Whether using your brand as a prop in innovative ways or creating acts that mirror your brand's essence, these performers create moments that not only captivate but also endure in the memories of your audience.

But the experience we offer extends beyond the immediate event. The dynamic content created during the performance is perfect for use on your website and social media platforms, serving as a tool to amplify your brand's reach and impact further. This approach ensures that the brand-centric experience provided is immersive, leaving a mark not just on the attendees but also on a broader audience online.

Whether your plan involves an intimate brand reveal for a select audience or a large-scale spectacle designed for maximum impact, Altus Entertainment is your go-to partner for brand entertainment hire. With expertise in brand launch entertainment and a roster of top-tier product reveal entertainers, we guarantee an experience where your brand is not just seen and heard, but celebrated and remembered.