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Shadow Dance Show for Hire

Altus Entertainment's shadow artists create captivating experiences using nothing but shadows. By blending dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics, our performers weave narratives and convey emotions, turning your event into a visual masterpiece. Each performance is tailored to resonate with your audience and align with your theme, offering an unforgettable experience. With our shadow acts and dance shows, your event will stand out from the crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The space requirement varies based on the act's complexity. A darkened room and a clear backdrop are essential for optimal shadow projection.

Yes, specific lighting is crucial to create clear and sharp shadows. We'll coordinate with your venue to ensure the right setup.

Absolutely! Our artists work closely with clients to tailor performances, ensuring they align with the event's theme and objectives.

Acts List

A woman is sprinkling powder on a holiday tree. | Altus Entertainment
Talented Sand Artist
Live sand animations with light and projector,Crafted 100+ custom sand animations for various clients,Animations featured on MTV, Travel & Leisure,Unique blend of storytelling and artistry
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A Victorian bride holds up a silhouette of her silhouette | Altus Entertainment
Silhouette Artist Showcase
Beautiful designs created in under two minutes ,Crafts detailed silhouettes from black paper with precision,Unique artist crafts swift, perfect vintage portraits,Available to book worldwide, based in San Diego.
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Hire Shadow Dance and Acts for Events and Parties

Immerse your audience in the captivating world of shadow artistry with Altus Entertainment's shadow artists. These performers are more than just entertainers; they are storytellers, weaving narratives and creating memories using nothing but shadow and movement.

Imagine your venue plunged into darkness, illuminated only by the intricate dance of shadows. Each silhouette tells a story, each movement conveys an emotion. This is the magic of shadow artistry, a unique blend of dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, and pure creativity that leaves a lasting impression on every attendee.

Our shadow artists can turn your event into a visual masterpiece. Whether it's a brand reveal where shadows unveil your logo or a narrative that takes your guests on a journey, the possibilities are endless. Each performance is tailored to your audience, aligning perfectly with your event's theme and goals.

In a world where event entertainment can be predictable, our shadow acts and dance shows offer a fresh, innovative alternative. They don't just perform; they create an experience. So, if you're looking to add a touch of magic, mystery, and sheer artistry to your event, hire shadow dance and acts from Altus Entertainment. Let us transform your event into a visual masterpiece.