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Acrobatic Dancers for Hire

Altus Entertainment's acrobatic dancers for hire provide a unique and unforgettable spectacle, combining the elegance of dance with the strength and agility of acrobatics. With a diverse range of acts, our performers cater to all tastes and can adapt to any event theme, providing an experience that transcends cultural barriers and appeals to all ages.

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A group of acrobatic dancers in colorful outfits performing on a field. | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat and Dance Show
Authentic and energetic showcase of African music, dance, and culture,Immersive experience that mesmerizes guests of all backgrounds,Deep-rooted passion for African culture,Captivating performances that transport to the vibrant heart of Africa
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A group of African performers executing a vertical dance stack in traditional attire | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat Performers
A perfect act for bringing the essence of Africa to your event,Unique rope skipping routines showcasing incredible coordination,Thrilling limbo dance and fire eating displays,Cultural immersion with traditional African dance and drumming,Dynamic African acrobatic performances featuring human pyramids and tumblings
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A world-class acrobat performs a mesmerizing fire act in the circus entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
World-Class Fire Act
Use fiery props including flaming hula hoops, levitating wands, fans and more!,Fire eating or breathing can be an included element,Professional performers that showcase endearing fire dancing and acrobatics,World-class and versatile to fit events of any theme or size
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Strolling Entertainment featuring a man and a woman performing Acrobatic Dance in the forest. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial and Roving Acrobatics
Comfortable maneuvering in thick crowds and loves to engage with guests,Ambient entertainment that can move through crowds or go table to table,Freestanding lollipop lyra for venues without rigging points,Custom performances that can be tailored to your venue, music, and costuming,Unique and impressive stunts that will leave your guests in awe
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'Performer entertaining at a lively and exciting wedding ceremony' | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Glass Dancer
Breathtaking centerpiece performance,Luxury entertainment in a champagne glass,Elegant dance adding class to events,Customizable costume to fit any theme
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A woman showcases her acrobatic skills in an outdoor aerial show. | Altus Entertainment
Female Aerial Artist
Stunning aerial hoop displays,Gravity-defying silks performances,Customized acts for unique themes,Diverse aerial repertoire,Leaves guests with lasting memories
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A female performer showcasing her dance skills on stage during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Traditional Chinese Contortionists
Masterful blend of artistry and flexibility,Spectacular routines with cultural heritage,Customizable acts featuring up to five contortionists,Unforgettable visual and theatrical experience
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A woman in a white dress performs acrobatic dance while holding a large balloon. | Altus Entertainment
Contemporary Art Air Sculpture with Dancer
Our New York artist's collaboration with a stunning dancer creates an innovative and visually stunning dance sculpture that seamlessly weaves dance with ethnic undertones,The performance delivers a powerful message about the cycle of life,This New York artist's portfolio includes Snow Vortex, Car Reveal, Air and Sine Wave, Air Sculpture,Available for worldwide bookings, based in New York
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Women group dressed in performance costumes posing for photo at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Crowd Engaging GoGo Dancers
Engaging, energizing dance performances,Customizable themes for any event,Vibrant interactive entertainment,Dynamic crowd invigoration
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Acrobatic Entertainment for Events and Parties

Elevate your event with the impressive artistry of Altus Entertainment's acrobatic dancers for hire. Our performers transcend ordinary dance, incorporating elements of acrobatics to showcase the limitless potential of the human body. They glide on furniture, soar through the air, and bring a touch of the extraordinary to every move they make.

From breathtaking contortionists to stunning aerial acts, our performers cater to a wide range of tastes. But it doesn’t stop there. Each performer brings their artistic prowess and storytelling ability to their performance, understanding your event's theme and transforming possibilities into reality.

Our acrobat dancers deliver a unique experience that transcends cultural barriers and enthralls people of all ages. The versatility of our performers makes them perfect for any occasion. Be it a corporate event, conference reception, holiday party, private function, fair, festival, or wedding, our artists will leave your guests awestruck.

But our acrobatic performers offer more than just a spectacle. They present an unforgettable experience, a mesmerizing showcase of strength, agility, and grace that your guests will be talking about long after the event concludes.

In a world where experiences are paramount, stand out with something truly extraordinary. Give your guests an unforgettable spectacle with Altus Entertainment's acrobatic dancers and circus performers. Contact us today to bring this incredible display of artistry and physical prowess to your event.