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A world-class acrobat performs a mesmerizing fire act in the circus entertainment. | Altus Entertainment

World-Class Fire Act

booking highlights

   Use fiery props including flaming hula hoops, levitating wands, fans and more!

   Fire eating or breathing can be an included element

   Professional performers that showcase endearing fire dancing and acrobatics

   World-class and versatile to fit events of any theme or size

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Our fire dancers can captivate your guests with their daring performance while showcasing expertise in spinning, dancing, and twirling the most dangerous element on earth. Immerse yourself in a world of fire with our talented dancers as they bring along an abundance of fiery props including hula hoops, fans, and more! You won't believe what these people can do. The fire-eating and breath-taking abilities of our Pyro artists will ignite your event to the top. With these professionals on board, you can expect nothing but fun entertainment at any gathering! Our professional entertainers have all gone through highly skilled training courses so that they can give you nothing but fun with their performances at your upcoming event, no matter what theme it is planned around! Our world-class performers will be able to fit into any given setting easily and provide fantastic entertainment from private parties right up until stage shows where audiences leave speechless while mesmerized by our artistry before them. This is one hot act, contact us today and we'll make sure they bring the heat to your next event.