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A woman performing a fire act with a fire stick under a blue light. | Altus Entertainment

Variety Fire Performance

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   Available for Indoor or Outdoor entertainment

   Various fire performers including fire dancers, fire breathers, fire eaters and more

   Ideal for corporate events, private parties and more

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Ignite the imagination of your guests with a fiery spectacle that merges the enchanting world of the circus with the primal allure of fire. Our fire circus performance is a sizzling extravaganza that promises to deliver an adrenaline-fueled experience, lighting up your big event or celebration with an exhibition of daring and beauty.

Our fire dancers are maestros of their craft, executing breathtaking feats of fire-breathing, dynamic dance routines, and precise footwork, all synchronized to a soundtrack that accentuates every daring twist and turn. The performance keeps you riveted, with each movement reflecting the dancers' mastery over flame and rhythm, culminating in a crescendo of awe-inspiring artistry.

Exotic costumes and dramatic lighting effects blend to create a visual feast that delights the senses, ensuring an entertainment experience that transcends age—young children and adults alike will be spellbound. The show is a symphony of light and movement, designed to leave a lasting impression long after the final embers have faded.

Whether you're hosting an exclusive indoor gala or an expansive outdoor festival, our fire eaters and performers for hire are scalable to your needs, from solo performances that command attention to group displays that amplify the spectacle. This performance that uses fire dance props is not merely an act; it’s a showcase of human ability, creativity, and the elemental power of fire.

Book our skilled fire performers available for hire today and guarantee that your event is the one that sparks conversation, ignites joy, and burns brightly in the memories of all who witness it.