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Altus Entertainment offers an array of spellbinding acrobatic performers, perfect for elevating any event with their hypnotic and unique routines. From traditional hand balancing to innovative acts using poles and balance balls, our acrobats, available to hire, bring a dynamic blend of artistry and athleticism, creating an unforgettable spectacle set to music and custom lighting.

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A group of acrobatic dancers in colorful outfits performing on a field. | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat and Dance Show
Authentic and energetic showcase of African music, dance, and culture,Immersive experience that mesmerizes guests of all backgrounds,Deep-rooted passion for African culture,Captivating performances that transport to the vibrant heart of Africa
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Trade Show Entertainment: A group of people dressed in silver standing on a ball. | Altus Entertainment
Exciting Ball Walker
This exciting Ball Walker can customize their act for any themed occasion or event ,Clients have the ability to choose to select their Ball Walker as a LED performer, mime, juggler, and more,Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, themed events, and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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Entertainer performing trick with hula hoop on bicycle | Altus Entertainment
Chariot Rover
Grand entrances on a 10-foot tall platform,Circus-style aerialist bike performances,Hand balancers elevated above the crowd,Full transport and setup by our team
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A world-class acrobat performs a mesmerizing fire act in the circus entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
World-Class Fire Act
Use fiery props including flaming hula hoops, levitating wands, fans and more!,Fire eating or breathing can be an included element,Professional performers that showcase endearing fire dancing and acrobatics,World-class and versatile to fit events of any theme or size
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Strolling Entertainment featuring a man and a woman performing Acrobatic Dance in the forest. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial and Roving Acrobatics
Comfortable maneuvering in thick crowds and loves to engage with guests,Ambient entertainment that can move through crowds or go table to table,Freestanding lollipop lyra for venues without rigging points,Custom performances that can be tailored to your venue, music, and costuming,Unique and impressive stunts that will leave your guests in awe
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A woman performing a juggling and diablo act in a red and black outfit for circus entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
One Woman Acrobatic Show
Elegant aerial feats with dramatic flair,Unique routines with the daring of fire and chainsaws,Constantly evolving acrobatic artistry,Engaging solo performance that captivates,Bespoke acrobatic experiences for any event
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A woman in a mermaid ball floating in a pool | Altus Entertainment
Bubble Sphere Act
Mesmerizing acrobatic bubble dances,Customizable acts for themed events,Spectacle on water or land,Innovative and enchanting visuals,Withstands outdoor weather conditions
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Stunning Disco Ball Contortion | Altus Entertainment
Stunning Disco Ball Contortion
The 4ft disco ball comes complete with its lighting, making it an eye-catching ambient entertainment option for guests,An excellent choice for vintage-themed events, such as classic discos, 70s nights, and more.,From corporate celebrations to personal engagements, our Stunning Disco Ball Contortion can make any occasion extra special.,The perfect option to combine our stunning disco ball contortion with another act to create a truly unique entertainment atmosphere.
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Hire a woman and a man for Gala Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Piano Contortionist
Experience music like never before with the revolutionary self-driving, and strolling piano contortion act,Elegant contortion to live piano melodies,Tailored costumes to match event themes,Engaging, interactive roaming performance
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Acrobatic Performers for Events and Parties

Elevate your event to an extraordinary level with Altus Entertainment's mesmerizing acrobatic performers. When you book acrobats for event plans with us, you are ensuring an experience that transcends the ordinary, captivating your guests with performances that blend strength, agility, and artistry. Our acrobats are not just performers; they are artists who bring a unique and hypnotic quality to their routines, ideal for any event, be it a product reveal, a thematic celebration, or a corporate function.

Each acrobatic performer from Altus brings their distinct style and flair to the stage. From the awe-inspiring hand balancing acts to routines incorporating poles, balance balls, and other instruments, our acrobats offer a diverse range of performances. These acts are more than just physical feats; they are beautifully choreographed to music and enhanced with custom lighting, creating a visually stunning spectacle that will leave your guests amazed.

Hiring circus acrobats from our roster means choosing an entertainment option that adds excitement, elegance, and wonder to your event. Our acrobats are skilled professionals, with routines that showcase the pinnacle of human strength and flexibility, making each performance a memorable and engaging experience for audiences of all ages.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of drama to your event, create a focal point, or simply offer your guests something they have never seen before, our acrobats available to hire are sure to exceed your expectations. They have the ability to transform any event space into a stage of wonder, bringing a sense of amazement and admiration.

In summary, booking acrobatic performers from Altus Entertainment means adding a layer of extraordinary spectacle to your event. Our hand balancing acrobats and other talented artists offer performances that are not just entertainment but a celebration of human capability and artistry. Contact us to book acrobats for event and party plans and ensure your event is an unforgettable experience.