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Hire Circus Acts

Hire Circus Acts

Hire Circus Acts and Performers for your event. Step right up and hire a circus show for an unforgettable event with Altus Entertainment's world class circus performers! Experience the thrill of acrobats, jugglers, and clowns that will leave your guests in awe. Don't just host an event, create a spectacle!


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Hire Circus Acts and Performers for Events!

Circus acts and shows from Altus are state of the art featuring amazing aerialists, jugglers, sword swallower, contortionists, fire performers, acrobats, and so many other circus performers who will thrill your attendees to no end! These specialty circus productions can be tailored to your company’s theme, mission statement or any direction you give to the producer of the show.

Circuses have evolved greatly over the past 30 years. No longer are captive animals the focus but instead, athletes and true entertainers now highlight ultimate Circus Shows. Cirque du Soleil has greatly influenced the modern-day cabaret & circus acts and we at Altus pay them tribute by presenting our own versions of cirque-style entertainment. Be it a small gathering of friends and family to the largest corporate events, our circus performers always deliver a wonderful entertainment experience. From solo acts to whole circus groups, we offer the best performers that will entertain your guests with top circus experiences they have probably never seen before.