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Chinese Circus Acts for Hire

Altus Entertainment's Chinese Circus Acts for hire bring a mesmerizing blend of traditional Chinese performance arts to your event. Whether it's large-scale acrobatic shows or intimate interactive experiences, our diverse range of acts, including kung fu shows and acrobatics, ensures an unforgettable cultural spectacle for your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Altus Entertainment provides options for both large-scale troupes and smaller, more intimate Chinese circus performances. The smaller-scale performances aim to create a personal connection with the audience and may include interactive workshops for a more immersive experience.

Altus Entertainment's Chinese circus acrobats perform a wide range of visually stunning and thrilling acts. These acts can include cycling tricks, pole acrobatics, and more, showcasing incredible human strength, balance, and flexibility.

Altus Entertainment's kung fu performers are not only martial arts experts but also skilled entertainers. They combine martial arts prowess with theatrical flair, adding an element of excitement, action, and discipline to your event.

Acts List

A white cloth hanging from a pole | Altus Entertainment
Silk Fabric Aerial Act
A jaw-dropping aerialist act that stuns guests with their ability to ascend from silk fabrics without the use of safety lines ,This aerialist routine provides top-tier entertainment, combining stunning routines and decorative outfits to provide high-end entertainment on any occasion,Perfect for cocktail hours, James Bond or Great Gatsby-style events, corporate functions, private parties, gala dinners, and more ,Available to book worldwide, based in Los Angeles
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An Aerial Trapeze Act featuring an acrobatic woman showcasing her skills on a rope. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Trapeze Act
Her strength is unparalleled, her stamina impeccable and flexibility second to none., Able to embellish any event with a sense of high-class charm and beauty, Impress your guests at the opening or closing events, Available to perform at events worldwide and based in Las Vegas
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A female performer showcasing her dance skills on stage during an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Traditional Chinese Contortionists
Masterful blend of artistry and flexibility,Spectacular routines with cultural heritage,Customizable acts featuring up to five contortionists,Unforgettable visual and theatrical experience
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Hire a woman hanging from a chandelier at a party. | Altus Entertainment
Aerialist Champagne Duo
Unique and attractive entertainment from an aerial chandelier performer who can also offer bubbly drinks to guests upside down ,Displays their magnificent attire by wearing glittery costumes that keep your guests mesmerized ,Perfect for Gatsby 1920, Casino Night, Cirque, Black tie, Red Carpet, and many more ,Offers a portable rigging system if the venue doesn't provide the right tools ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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A woman showcasing a unique Chinese circus act by doing a handstand on top of a table. | Altus Entertainment
Accomplished Event Contortionist
World-class elegance and flexibility,Solo, group, and fire-enhanced shows,Globally celebrated contortion act,Perfect for upscale events and launches,An international spectacle of contortion
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Traditional Chinese Female Acrobat | Altus Entertainment
Traditional Chinese Female Acrobat
Stunning traditional Chinese acrobatics,Versatile with multiple performance acts,Engaging foot juggling spectacle,High-energy Cyr wheel fusion act,Perfect for diverse audiences and events
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Acrobat troupe executing complex acrobatic maneuvers onstage at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Chinese Diabolo Act
Traditional artistry meets modern showmanship,Engaging acts of diabolo dexterity,Perfect for cross-generational audience appeal,Visually stunning cultural performance
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Performing acrobatic group balancing on a ladder for an entertainment show | Altus Entertainment
Chinese Chair Stacking Act
Towering stacks of precision and balance,Solo and group acts of acrobatic wonder,Awe-inspiring Traditional Chinese performance,Chairs become sculptures of daring heights
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Two male performers executing acrobatic stunts on a live entertainment stage | Altus Entertainment
Chinese Hand Balancing Act
Mystical balance meets acrobatic elegance,Tailored performances for your event theme,Jaw-dropping, gravity-defying poise,Perfect fusion of tradition and spectacle
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Chinese Acrobat Shows and More for Your Next Event

Step into the mesmerizing world of traditional Chinese performance art with Altus Entertainment’s Chinese circus acts for hire. Our large-scale troupes are adept at delivering a spellbinding array of traditional Chinese circus acts, perfect for transporting your guests to another land. From the intricate art of plate spinning and the precise skill of juggling to the breathtaking acrobatic aerial feats and vibrant traditional dances, each performance is a showcase of cultural richness and artistic excellence.

For those seeking a more intimate circus experience, our small-scale Chinese Circus offerings are just as captivating. These performances are designed to create a closer, more personal connection with your audience, including interactive workshops that leave a lasting impression. It's not just about watching a show; it's about engaging with a unique cultural experience that your guests will talk about long after your event has ended.

When you book a kung fu show with us, you’re bringing a dynamic and energetic aspect to your event. Our kung fu performers are not only masters of their art but also skilled entertainers who combine martial arts prowess with theatrical flair. This is an opportunity to add an element of excitement and action, captivating your guests with displays of strength, agility, and discipline.

Our Chinese circus acrobats for hire are another highlight, offering performances that are as visually stunning as they are thrilling. Their acts, which range from cycling tricks to pole acrobatics, are a testament to human strength, balance, and flexibility. These acrobats bring an air of awe and wonder, making your event stand out with their extraordinary skills.

Altus Entertainment’s Chinese acrobat show is an amalgamation of all these elements, creating a spectacle that is both entertaining and culturally enriching. These shows are not just performances; they are artistic expressions that bring the ancient traditions of Chinese acrobatics to life in a modern setting.

In conclusion, our Chinese circus acts for hire offer something truly special for your event. Whether you're looking for a large-scale extravaganza or a smaller, more intimate performance, we have the talent and expertise to make your event a memorable one. With our diverse range of acts, from traditional Chinese circus skills to martial arts displays, your guests are guaranteed an experience that is as enchanting as it is unforgettable.