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Silk Fabric Aerial Act

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   A jaw-dropping aerialist act that stuns guests with their ability to ascend from silk fabrics without the use of safety lines

   This aerialist routine provides top-tier entertainment, combining stunning routines and decorative outfits to provide high-end entertainment on any occasion

   Perfect for cocktail hours, James Bond or Great Gatsby-style events, corporate functions, private parties, gala dinners, and more

   Available to book worldwide, based in Los Angeles

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Our aerial artists don't need to use safety lines, because they ascend from suspended fabrics. The audience will be left frozen in their seats when they perform this heart-stopping act. The silk is like an extension of the performer's body. With it, they can fly through mid-air in some tricks and swing back after landing safely on ground level. The silks are used to fly, drop and swing the body elegantly. We have options for you. You can either use one of our portable rigs, which is easy and quick to set up or can be rigged into your venue. To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment today.