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Hire ground-based aerial performers to bring the awe of aerial acrobatics to any event, even where high-flying acts aren’t feasible. These artists blend dance and acrobatics with strength and grace, creating stunning, gravity-defying performances that leave lasting impressions on your guests.

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Ground-based aerial acts combine elements of acrobatics, dance, and gymnastics to create the illusion of aerial performance without leaving the ground. Unlike traditional aerial performances, which involve flying high above, ground-based acts captivate audiences with gravity-defying stunts and intricate movements performed at ground level.

Ground-based aerial performers use a variety of apparatuses, including poles, hoops, and silks, to create visually stunning and engaging displays. These versatile artists adapt their performances to match the theme, brand, and atmosphere of various events.

Altus Entertainment collaborates closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements. This collaboration ensures that the ground-based aerial performance aligns with the event's theme and enhances the overall experience, creating a unique and unforgettable show tailored to your specific needs.

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Corporate Event Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Lollipop Lyra Performance
Provides entertainment whether you need a bite-size performance or one that packs a powerful punch ,Experienced in delivering exceptional and awe-inspiring performances, ensuring top-notch entertainment,Performs as a captivating stage show, an elegant aerial champagne service, or a mesmerizing ambiance act,Can adapt to fit in any tight area where larger aerial rigging won't fit
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A woman is performing aerial acrobatics on a heart shaped sculpture in the desert. | Altus Entertainment
The Aerial Heart Act
The aerialist will captivate the audience with their breathtaking spinning and hanging heart act.,This Aerial Act is available for event booking worldwide,This aerialist act is ideal for black-tie occasions, themed events, weddings or galas dinners, corporate gatherings, and more ,Our aerialist will deliver an amazing performance that is available in a variety of options, including standard routines or fun drink serving!
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Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer | Altus Entertainment
Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer
Versatile circus performances for any event,Elegant stilt walking with theatrical flair,Masterful juggling displays,Whimsical clown acts for all ages,Over a decade of world-class entertainment
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Aerial Fire Act performer entertains the audience by flying through the air with flames. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Fire Act
Choice of "straps" or "fire star" fire act,Artist was featured on AGT,Unique and ethereal act
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A white cloth hanging from a pole | Altus Entertainment
Silk Fabric Aerial Act
A jaw-dropping aerialist act that stuns guests with their ability to ascend from silk fabrics without the use of safety lines ,This aerialist routine provides top-tier entertainment, combining stunning routines and decorative outfits to provide high-end entertainment on any occasion,Perfect for cocktail hours, James Bond or Great Gatsby-style events, corporate functions, private parties, gala dinners, and more ,Available to book worldwide, based in Los Angeles
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The wedding of person and person's acrobatics entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning Aerialist Performers
An enchanting experience that charms guests with their elegant aerial routines ,Offers a wide range of performances for every occasion, from aerial silks and hammocks in the sky ,Fully customizable performances that can complement your color scheme and theme based on client's request,Available to book worldwide, based in California
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Strolling Entertainment featuring a man and a woman performing Acrobatic Dance in the forest. | Altus Entertainment
Aerial and Roving Acrobatics
Thrilling handstands and dynamic balancing,Roving acrobatics that engage and surprise,Customizable acts for perfect event alignment,Spectacular duo silk and lyra performances,Freestanding aerial equipment for any venue
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'Performer entertaining at a lively and exciting wedding ceremony' | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Glass Dancer
Breathtaking centerpiece performance,Luxury entertainment in a champagne glass,Elegant dance adding class to events,Customizable costume to fit any theme
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A woman in a leopard costume posing on a couch | Altus Entertainment
Model Aerialist-Contortionist
Gravity-defying aerial artistry,Mesmerizing contortion performances,Featured in film and stage productions,EDM immersive experience blend,Tailored acts for thematic events
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Ground Based Aerial Act for Hire

When you think of hiring an aerialist for hire, envision a spectacle that transcends the traditional confines of performance art. Ground-based aerial acts for hire represent a unique fusion of acrobatics and performance art, masterfully blending elements of dance and gymnastics to create an illusion of aerial performance, all without leaving the ground.

These ground-based aerial performers are the perfect solution for events where the thrill of aerial acrobatics is desired, but venue constraints or other factors limit the feasibility of high-flying acts. With their extraordinary strength, flexibility, and grace, these artists captivate audiences through intricate movements and gravity-defying stunts, all performed at ground level.

Imagine the impact of a solo artist or a group of aerial dancers at your next event, whether it be a corporate function, product launch, private party, or wedding. Utilizing a variety of apparatuses such as poles, hoops, and silks, these performers create visually stunning and highly engaging displays that blend acrobatics with dance. Their versatility allows them to adapt their performances to suit the theme and atmosphere of a wide range of events, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.

At Altus Entertainment, we understand that the key to a successful event lies in the details. Our aerial performers for hire are not just talented artists; they are dedicated professionals who collaborate closely with clients. This collaboration ensures a deep understanding of your vision and requirements, allowing the performers to craft a show that not only aligns with your event's theme but also enhances the overall experience.

By booking a ground based aerial act for hire, you're not just adding an entertainment segment to your event; you're creating a focal point that mesmerizes and engages your guests. These performances are more than just acts; they are experiences that leave a lasting impression, making your event memorable and talked about for years to come.