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Hire Circus Entertainment: The Ultimate Thrill for Your Event!

Elevate your events with Altus Entertainment's diverse range of circus acts. From classic trapeze performances to modern interpretations, our circus entertainment promises a memorable experience for all attendees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of traditional and contemporary circus acts, including trapeze artists, jugglers, mime artists, acrobats, and more.

Absolutely! Our performers can tailor their acts to align with your event's theme, ensuring a cohesive and immersive experience for your guests.

Safety is our top priority. All our performers are highly trained professionals, and we take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both the performers and the audience.

Yes, you can hire multiple acts to create a comprehensive circus experience for your guests. Our team can help curate a lineup that best suits your event's needs.

Acts List

Women wearing illuminated outfits in a group | Altus Entertainment
New York LED Dress Dancers
Award-winning performance recognized for innovation and impact,Captivating LED dress designs that bring a new dimension to dance,A versatile act perfect for high-end nightlife events and private functions,A troupe with a track record of excellence and creativity in the dance industry,One-of-a-kind LED Dance Performance that merges cabaret glamour with modern LED technology
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A stunning LED performer dazzles while holding a frisbee. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning LED Act
Excitement from traditional hoops combined with jaw-dropping light,Will light up any dark room or night time event with vibrant and eye-catching colors.,Amazing hula hoop artist is perfect for festivals, corporate events and more,Mesmerizing act available to glow at bookings worldwide , LED hula hoops, poi, levitation wand, and fans
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Businessman in formal suit and woman elegantly holding a luxury bottle of champagne | Altus Entertainment
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act
Crystal Champagne Aerial Act for unforgettable events,Combines aerial artistry with elegant bartending,Experienced performers for high-profile events,Customizable costumes to fit event themes,Full public liability insurance,Unique entertainment with a glamorous twist
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Giant Inflatable Archway with Spinning Aerialist | Altus Entertainment
Giant Inflatable Archway with Spinning Aerialist
Stunning color-changing inflatable archway,Features spinning aerialist propelled from archway,Interactive and visually captivating,Mesmerizing addition to any event type,Quick 2-minute inflatable setup
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A man performing a juggling act with a green umbrella on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Juggling Performance
Laugh-packed juggling and comedy act ,Perfect for cruises, corporate, TV, private events, comedy clubs,Previous clients include Yahoo, McDonald, Ford, and more ,All-age appropriate, worry-free clean shows,300+ dazzling shows a year, worldwide,Comedic juggler with mentalism tricks
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Strolling Female Contortionist and Hand Balancing | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Female Contortionist and Hand Balancing
Enchanting female acrobatic contortionist,Versatile and adaptable act,Fun way to pour champagne for guests,Excellent conversation piece at any event,Stunning LED illuminated evening shows options,Unique water bubble performances available
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Aerial performer in white costume pouring champagne upside down, adding elegance and excitement to the event | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Aerialist with Chandelier
Aerial champagne service with a twist,Suspended elegance in a grand chandelier,Luxurious addition to special events,Memorable acrobatic champagne displays,Creates an enchanting, magical atmosphere
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Corporate Event Entertainment | Altus Entertainment
Aerial Lollipop Lyra Performance
Provides entertainment whether you need a bite-size performance or one that packs a powerful punch ,Experienced in delivering exceptional and awe-inspiring performances, ensuring top-notch entertainment,Performs as a captivating stage show, an elegant aerial champagne service, or a mesmerizing ambiance act,Can adapt to fit in any tight area where larger aerial rigging won't fit
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A group of acrobatic dancers in colorful outfits performing on a field. | Altus Entertainment
African Acrobat and Dance Show
Authentic African dance and acrobatic display,Energetic performances from seasoned artists,Cultural spectacle for diverse audiences,Mesmerizing routines with traditional melodies,Vibrant celebration of African heritage
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Hire Circus Entertainment for an Unforgettable Spectacle!

When you choose to Hire Circus Entertainment, you're opting for a timeless form of amazement. For centuries, the circus has held audiences spellbound, weaving together elements of danger, elegance, and sheer athletic prowess.

At Altus Entertainment, we specialize in bringing this vintage charm to modern events. Whether you're organizing a corporate gala, an intimate birthday celebration, or a community fair, our selection of circus entertainment for parties will undoubtedly captivate your guests. From trapeze artists performing gravity-defying feats to jugglers showcasing their dexterity, every act we provide is designed to leave your audience in awe.

But our offerings don’t end at traditional acts. When you Hire Circus Entertainment from us, you also get access to contemporary performances that blend classical circus elements with modern interpretations. Mime artists, interpretative dances infused with circus stunts, and more await you.

And for those truly special occasions, our premium "Circus Acts for Hire" will ensure that your event remains the talk of the town for a long while. These acts, perfected over the years, push the boundaries of what circus entertainment can achieve.

In a digital age, the tangible, raw talent displayed in a circus act stands out more than ever. With Altus Entertainment, when you Hire Circus Entertainment, you're not just booking an act; you're ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests.