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Altus Entertainment's Hula Hoopers transform the simple hula hoop into the centerpiece of mesmerizing performances. Our performers use multiple hoops to create a spectacle that's nostalgic yet awe-inspiring. Adaptable to any theme and able to engage guests for a truly interactive experience, our hula dancers offer more than entertainment – they provide an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression. Choose Altus Entertainment for a hula hoop performance that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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A stunning LED performer dazzles while holding a frisbee. | Altus Entertainment
Stunning LED Act
Excitement from traditional hoops combined with jaw-dropping light,Will light up any dark room or night time event with vibrant and eye-catching colors.,Amazing hula hoop artist is perfect for festivals, corporate events and more,Mesmerizing act available to glow at bookings worldwide , LED hula hoops, poi, levitation wand, and fans
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Giant Inflatable Archway with Spinning Aerialist | Altus Entertainment
Giant Inflatable Archway with Spinning Aerialist
Stunning color-changing inflatable archway,Features spinning aerialist propelled from archway,Interactive and visually captivating,Mesmerizing addition to any event type,Quick 2-minute inflatable setup
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Woman performing dynamic hula hoop routine on stage | Altus Entertainment
LED Circus Artist
LED Circus Artist with diverse circus acts,Performed in 25 countries,Worked with Cirque du Soleil, Cartoon Network,Specializes in diverse circus acts,Offers private coaching and educational workshops
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Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer | Altus Entertainment
Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer
Versatile circus performances for any event,Elegant stilt walking with theatrical flair,Masterful juggling displays,Whimsical clown acts for all ages,Over a decade of world-class entertainment
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Circus Maestro | Altus Entertainment
Circus Maestro
Multi-talented circus artist, musician, and character performer, offering a diverse range of skills,Includes live music, breathtaking acrobatics, object balancing, comedy, hula-hoops, juggling, and more,Incorporates safe audience participation, creating an interactive atmosphere,Can adapt performances to suit your event
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Performer mesmerizing audience with graceful hoop dance under dynamic stage lighting | Altus Entertainment
Various Hula Hoop Artists
Mesmerizing hula hoop artistry,LED shows light up the night,Interactive workshops for guests,Customizable acts for any event,Electrifying dance and hoop performances
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Hire Bizarre and Unique Circus Acts featuring a woman wearing a tutu and hula hoop. | Altus Entertainment
LED Cirque-style Performer
Based out of Montreal Canada, available for worldwide bookings,Performance can include Hula Hoops, Poi Spinners, and acrobatics,Artist can provide interactive animation with your brand
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Winter Circus Performers | Altus Entertainment
Winter Circus Performers
High-energy winter circus performances,Spectacular fire and ice show options,Captivating fire show with beautifully choreographed acts,Customizable packages to suit your event's needs
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Circus Performers | Altus Entertainment
Circus Performers
Vintage strongman feats of might,Hypnotic LED hoop illuminations,Contortionist bends imagination,Customizable array of sideshow talents,Interactive classic circus experience
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Hula Hoop Dancers for Events and Parties

Enter a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary with Altus Entertainment's hula hoopers. Our performers take the simple hula hoop, a staple of backyard pastimes, and transform it into the centerpiece of a mesmerizing performance that blends athleticism, artistry, and talent.

Think back to those summer days trying to keep a hula hoop spinning. Now, imagine that simple act multiplied a hundredfold. Our hula hoopers don't just use one or two hoops; they masterfully maneuver a dozen or more, creating a spectacle that's nostalgic, awe-inspiring, and hypnotic.

Our hula hoop dance acts offer vibrant energy that will captivate the younger crowd, but adults will also find themselves drawn into the magic of the intricate patterns and the performers' sheer skill.

Looking to make your event stand out? Our hula hoopers are versatile and adaptable, ready to fit any theme or to incorporate your products into their act. For a truly interactive event, our performers can even engage your guests, transforming spectators into participants for a memorable experience.

So, whether you're planning a hula party or seeking Maui hula dancers to add authenticity to your event, Altus Entertainment has got you covered. With our hula dancers for hire, you get more than entertainment – you get an unforgettable experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.