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Female LED Hula Hoop Artist

booking highlights

   Dazzling LED hoop and cirque performances

   Customizable acts for any event type

   Skilled in multiple fire and aerial arts

   Interactive walkaround entertainment

   Vibrant displays with up to eight hoops

Services Offered

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Illuminate your event with the mesmerizing swirls and twirls of our Female LED Hula Hoop Artist, a performer whose radiant artistry captivates and delights audiences of all ages. A fusion of color, light, and motion, her LED hula hoop cirque act transcends the ordinary, turning any space into a dynamic showcase of acrobatic hoop dance and visual spectacle.

Whether gliding through a crowd with her LED hula hoop walkaround act or dazzling on center stage with a multifaceted performance featuring up to eight hoops at once, our artist elevates the atmosphere with her graceful, hypnotic presence. She is not just a hula hoop performer; she is a consummate circus artist, experienced in an array of fire arts and aerial acrobatics, and ready to tailor her show to the unique flavor of your event.

Her versatility extends beyond her hoop. She incorporates fire eating, fire fans, poi, and more to add a thrilling edge to her performances. With the ability to entertain for moments or hours, from intimate performances to weekend-long events, no occasion is too grand or modest.

Each LED Hula Hoop Artist performance is meticulously crafted to meet the client's needs, ensuring that your vision for the event is not only met but exceeded with a display that's both intimate and grandiose. Invite our LED hula hoop cirque act to your next corporate event, private party, festival, or any occasion that demands the extraordinary, and watch as she becomes the glowing heartbeat of your celebration.