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Altus Entertainment's snake dancers provide a unique, captivating spectacle that combines tradition, art, and nature. From sensual dance moves to the hypnotic sway of the snake, our performers promise a visual show that leaves audiences spellbound. Regardless of your event type, our snake dancers add a touch of the exotic, ensuring a memorable experience your guests will talk about long after the event is over. With Altus Entertainment, let's bring the enchantment to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The snakes used by our dancers are non-venomous and are trained to be around people.

Yes, our Snake Dancers can perform both indoors and outdoors, provided the conditions are safe for both the performers and the snakes.

Certainly! Our Snake Dancers can tailor their costumes, music, and dance style to align with your event's theme.

Acts List

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Arabian-Nights Themed Belly Dancers
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Snake Dancing for Events and Parties

Immerse your guests in the allure and mystique of snake dancers with Altus Entertainment. Our performers combine tradition, art, and nature to create an act that's as ancient as it is captivating. Envision the scene: as the lights dim and haunting strains of traditional Middle Eastern or Asian music fill the air, anticipation builds. Then, our snake dancer takes the stage, her every movement in perfect harmony with her serpentine partner.

The combination of sensual dance moves, stunning costumes, and the snake charmer's natural talent creates a visual spectacle that leaves audiences spellbound. But our snake dancers offer more than just visual entertainment. They embody the rich cultural tapestry of the regions they represent, making them a perfect fit for cultural events seeking an authentic experience.

Their versatile act is equally captivating at private parties, corporate functions, and fairs. The universal appeal of the snake dancer ensures that regardless of the audience's age or background, they will be entranced.

Incorporating snake charming show for hire acts into your event isn't just about entertainment; it's about creating lasting memories. It sets your event apart, giving your guests something to talk about long after the event is over. If you're looking to add a touch of the exotic to your next event, hire snake dancers from Altus Entertainment and let us bring the enchantment to you.