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Altus Entertainment's can-can dancers bring the historic charm and vibrant energy of the Paris to your event. Perfect for adding a touch of French flair, our skilled performers captivate with their high-energy dance routines, making them an ideal choice for fairs, corporate events, and any gathering seeking a lively and visually spectacular entertainment option.

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Altus Entertainment's Can-Can Dancers perform the iconic can-can dance, known for its high leg kicks and spirited routines, originating from 19th-century Paris.

Absolutely! Altus Entertainment can customize the can-can dancers' performance to align with a specific event theme or style, ensuring a tailored and cohesive experience.

If requested, many of Altus Entertainment's can-can dancers are willing to provide interactive performances for an immersive and engaging experience.

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London-based ballerinas are a troupe that epitomizes grace, elegance, and beauty with their classic training ,Has performed in front of thousands at The Brit Awards & the O2 Arena,Previous corporate clients include Goldman Sachs, UBS, 3 Mobile, Vauxhall, Louis Vuitton, Uniqlo, Triumph, and Topshop,Available for worldwide bookings, based in London
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French Themed Acts for Events and Parties

Experience the vivacious spirit of 19th-century Paris at your event with the exhilarating performance of can-can dancers from Altus Entertainment. When you hire can can dancers, you're not just adding entertainment to your event; you're infusing it with energy, excitement, and a touch of historic French glamour. The can-can, as timeless today as it was in its Parisian heyday, is a dance that captivates and delights audiences of all ages.

Our can-can performers are experts in bringing this classic choreography to life, complete with the iconic high leg kicks and spirited routines that have made the dance a symbol of joyous celebration. Perfect for a wide array of events, including fairs, cultural gatherings, corporate functions, and trade show receptions, our dancers add a dynamic and visually stunning element to any occasion.

If your event features a European or specifically French theme, our can-can dancers are the ideal finishing touch. Their performances not only entertain but also embody the essence of French culture and the historical allure of the Moulin Rouge. The energy and flair of our dancers are guaranteed to bring smiles to your guests' faces and leave them with lasting memories of a fun and unique experience.

At Altus Entertainment, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, authentic entertainment. Our can-can Dancers are not only talented performers but also dedicated artists who strive to create an atmosphere that is both festive and true to the spirit of the original French can-can.

In summary, Altus Entertainment offers the perfect opportunity to hire can can dancers for your event, ensuring a lively, entertaining, and visually spectacular performance. Whether you're looking to add a classic French touch to your event or simply seeking an energetic and fun form of entertainment, our can-can dancers are sure to exceed your expectations and make your event a standout success.