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Parisian Themed Party Acts

Parisian Themed Party Acts

Altus Entertainment offers an authentic Parisian theme experience with a diverse range of French acts. From traditional accordionists and gypsy-jazz bands to extravagant cabaret shows and can can dancers, we bring the charm and sophistication of France to your event.


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Paris Dancers and Themed Acts

Imagine the allure of Paris, the City of Love, right at your event. With Altus Entertainment, you don't have to travel to France to experience its charm and sophistication. We bring the essence of Paris and the vibrant culture of Southern France directly to you, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Dive into the world of Parisian theme entertainment with us. Picture your guests being serenaded by solo accordionists, their melodies echoing the traditional French chanson and musette tunes. Or perhaps a French language band, playing a mix of gypsy-jazz rhythms and contemporary French pop, setting the mood for a night of dancing and revelry.

But the magic doesn't stop there. For those who crave a touch of the extravagant, our Parisian themed cabaret and burlesque shows promise to be the highlight of the evening. Dazzling costumes, high-energy dance routines, and a lineup of talented performers, from feather dancers to vintage-chic DJs, ensure a spectacle like no other. And for an authentic Parisian experience, our can can dancers Paris will transport your guests to the iconic Moulin Rouge with their vibrant and energetic performances.

Whether you're hosting a corporate function, a themed festival, or a private party, our Parisian theme acts are versatile and adaptable. They work closely with you to tailor their performances, ensuring a seamless fit with your event's theme and requirements. From the number of performers to the style of costumes, every detail is meticulously planned to capture the spirit of France.

Incorporate some Paris party ideas into your event and watch as it transforms into a Parisian paradise. With Altus Entertainment, you're not just booking performers; you're curating an experience, a journey to the heart of France without ever leaving your venue.