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Singing Masquerade Dress

booking highlights

   Stunning visual spectacle and musical delight

   Unique strolling singers with towering elegance

   Interactive and engaging guest experiences

   Customizable colors to match event themes

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Transform your event into an unforgettable spectacle with the unique strolling singers, a dazzling act that combines the grandeur of music with the elegance of living décor. Standing at an impressive 12 feet tall and available in striking white or red, these spectacular greeters are designed to be the ultimate WOW factor at any event. Customized colors are also available to match your event's theme perfectly.

Imagine the awe your guests will feel as they are greeted by the towering unique strolling singers, setting the stage for a night of wonder and sophistication. These enchanting characters are perfect for singing walk around entertainment, interacting with guests and adding a touch of magic to your event. Whether positioned at the entrance to welcome attendees or mingling among the crowd, these greeters ensure a memorable experience.

Elevate your event further by adding an Opera Singer or other specialty talents like a violinist to the act, available for an additional charge. These unique strolling singers provide a blend of visual and auditory delight, captivating your guests with their melodious performances and grand presence. This kind of walk around party entertainment is not just engaging but immersive, making each guest feel like a part of a magnificent show.

The unique strolling singers are versatile and adaptable, making them an excellent choice for galas, corporate events, weddings, and more. Their ability to interact with guests creates an intimate atmosphere while also serving as a stunning visual centerpiece. This is not just entertainment; this is an experience that will have your guests talking long after the event concludes.

Take the chance to book the unique strolling singers for your next event. With their unique combination of towering elegance and captivating performances, these unique strolling singers will make your event stand out.


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