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A group of women dressed as mermaids performing in a swimming pool during an Aquatic Cabaret Show. | Altus Entertainment

Sports Theme Party Acts for Hire

Elevate your sports theme party with Altus Entertainment's diverse array of sporting theme entertainment, including freestyle performers, themed shows, and interactive activities. Perfect for any sports-themed event, our offerings ensure a thrilling and memorable experience that unites guests in the spirit of competition and fun.

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Sporting theme entertainment by Altus Entertainment brings the passion and excitement of sports to your event. We offer a diverse range of performances, including freestyle sports performers, sports-themed shows, interactive sports activities, and sports-related walkabout characters, all designed to make your event unforgettable.

Altus Entertainment's sporting theme entertainment covers a wide range of sports, from football and basketball to extreme sports. Our talented performers showcase their athletic prowess, turning each event into a celebration of sportsmanship.

Altus Entertainment works closely with clients to customize sporting theme entertainment to match the theme and atmosphere of their events. Whether it's a sports-themed birthday party or a corporate gathering, we tailor our performances to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients.

Acts List

A group of women dressed as mermaids performing in a swimming pool during an Aquatic Cabaret Show. | Altus Entertainment
Aquatic Cabaret Show
Incredible synchronicity and immense talent in a one-of -a kind performance,Customized performances for any client or event ,Stunning and innovative swimming show with some of the most beautiful aquatic performers in the world,Perfect for parties, corporate events, alcohol promotions, and bottle and cake presentations
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Male and female athletes holding basketballs on a sports court | Altus Entertainment
Female Basketball Entertainer
Renowned Female Basketball Entertainer with unique skills,Offers interactive basketball tricks for events,Tailored performances for diverse event types,Ability to dribble five to six balls simultaneously,Infuses motivational messages in her performances
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Two Motown Tribute Artists standing on stilts in front of a store. | Altus Entertainment
Stilt-Walking Referee
Entertained at major sporting events,Unique mini basketball juggling act,Portable basketball hoop performance,Captivating strolling soap bubble shows
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A Sand Artist mesmerizingly presents a colorful ball at a corporate event. | Altus Entertainment
Futuristic Jump Rope Performance
Elite athletes deliver amazing jump rope performances,Gravity-defying LED and fire rope artistry,Customizable shows, solo to 12-piece, tailored by venue, music, audience.,Clients: Disneyland, Cirque Du Soleil, AGT, Best Dancecrew, etc,Fusion of acrobatics and dance
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A person performing a high-flying trick on a skateboard at a corporate event entertainment. | Altus Entertainment
Extreme Sports Action Stunts
Adrenaline-pumping event entertainment,Action sports with educational twist,High-energy stunts by professional athletes,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Phoenix
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Sports Themed Entertainment for Events and Parties

Step into the vibrant and dynamic world of Sporting Theme Entertainment with Altus Entertainment, where the passion and excitement of sports come alive at your event. If you're planning a sports theme party, we are your premier destination to elevate it from just a gathering to an exhilarating experience. Our diverse array of performances captures the spirit of competition and camaraderie, making every moment unforgettable.

Our roster boasts talented freestyle sports performers who masterfully blend athleticism with artistry. Their performances are not just displays of skill and precision but spectacles that transform the sporting field into a stage. Whether it's football, basketball, or extreme sports, these performers captivate your guests, showcasing prowess that turns each event into a celebration of sportsmanship.

For those looking to add a theatrical twist, our sports-themed shows are a perfect choice. Merging theatre, comedy, and sports, these unique performances transcend the traditional boundaries of sports and entertainment. They're ideal for a sports theme birthday party, offering an engaging and entertaining experience that is both innovative and inclusive.

Altus Entertainment also offers interactive sports activities, inviting your guests to be more than just spectators. These activities create immersive experiences, from simple, inclusive games to more challenging athletic contests, catering to all levels of fitness and skill. It's an opportunity for your guests to engage, compete, and create lasting memories.

Our sports-related walkabout characters add an extra layer of fun and whimsy. Inspired by famous athletes, mascots, or fictional characters, these personas bring a touch of humor and excitement, perfect for mingling and entertaining guests of all ages.

At Altus Entertainment, we understand the unifying power of sports. Our Sporting Theme category is not just about entertainment; it's about inspiring and bringing people together. Whether you're searching for sports themed entertainment or sports agencies near me, our offerings cater to the sports fan in everyone, ensuring your event is both versatile and exciting.