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Altus Entertainment's themed dancers offer a diverse and dynamic performance experience for any event, featuring styles like belly dance, burlesque, ballet, tap, and hip hop. Skilled in embodying various themes and eras, our dancers captivate with their artistry, creativity, and stunning costumes, making them the perfect choice for events seeking a unique, thematic, and engaging entertainment experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our themed dancers are skilled in a wide range of dance forms, including belly dance, burlesque, ballet, tap, hip hop, and more.

Yes, our themed dancers are highly versatile and can adapt their performances to suit a wide range of event themes, from classic eras to modern concepts.

Yes, themed dancers often engage with the audience and use imaginative props that complement their performances, enhancing the overall experience.

Acts List

A group of themed dancers posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
Authentic Brazilian Dance Performance
Can tailor any client's request with their six different outfit options ,Brings authentic South American culture to any themed events, corporate functions and product launches,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Moscow
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Female performer in feathered costume posing onstage at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Showgirl Performers
Performers with authentic experience from renowned international showgirl venues,An exclusive troupe embodying the elegance and prestige of classic showgirl glamour,Spectacular costumes and choreography that create a visually stunning experience,Perfect for high-profile events requiring a touch of sophistication and luxury,Adaptable performances suited for a variety of events and themes
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Group of female performers posing with colorful feathers in entertainment setting | Altus Entertainment
Fan Dance Show
Recipients of "Best large group" and "Most innovative" at The Burlesque Hall of Fame,Experienced performers with national TV and prestigious event credits,High-energy, empowering performances with custom glamorous costumes,A versatile act perfect for various events, from nightlife to corporate functions,A troupe of fan dancers celebrated for their artistry and ability to captivate any audience
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Two beautiful GO-GO dancers posing for a photo at a red carpet event. | Altus Entertainment
Beautiful GO-GO Dancers
Tailored themes for any event,Energetic and engaging performances,Unique shadow box dance act,Crowd-engagers, not just dancers,Versatile shows for all venues
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'Performer entertaining at a lively and exciting wedding ceremony' | Altus Entertainment
Champagne Glass Dancer
Breathtaking centerpiece performance,Luxury entertainment in a champagne glass,Elegant dance adding class to events,Customizable costume to fit any theme
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Afro Dance and Contortion Fusion Show | Altus Entertainment
Afro Dance and Contortion Fusion Show
Afro fusion mixed with modern, jazz , ballet and a hint of burlesque,Suitable for a wide range of events,Visually stunning and culturally rich performance,Engaging and unforgettable entertainment
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A group of women performing holiday-focused entertainment on stage. | Altus Entertainment
Swinging Holidays Xmas Show
Able to seamlessly blend the show into different event settings,Show-Stopping Tap Dancers,Perfect Christmas performance dance show for any occasion,Tailored show formats that can be customized to suit your specific event needs
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Group of African performers showcasing traditional dance costumes in a posed photo | Altus Entertainment
African Cultural Show
Authentic African culture performance featuring dancers, drummers, acrobats, and more,Have performed for the Los Angeles Lakers half time show ,Their past clients clients are LACMA, The Atlantis Resort, LA Zoo, & Vitamin Angels ,Available for worldwide bookings based in Los Angeles
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Group of entertainers enjoying pool time | Altus Entertainment
Water Dance Flash Mob
A unique water-themed flash mob experience,Professional dancers skilled in surprise performances,Customizable song and dance routines to fit any event theme,A memorable entertainment option for various event types,High-energy, high-impact performances that captivate audiences
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Hip Hop Dancers Themes and More for Events and Parties

Transform your event into a mesmerizing spectacle with Altus Entertainment's themed dancers. When you choose to hire themed dancers for your events, you're not just adding entertainment; you're infusing your special evening with an eclectic vision and artistic expression. Our dancers are adept in a myriad of dance forms, from the exotic rhythms of Belly Dance and the sultry allure of burlesque to the classic elegance of Ballet, the energetic beats of Tap, and the contemporary dynamics of hip hop.

Our themed dancers are more than just performers; they are story-tellers who bring your event's theme to life through their artistry. Whether you're envisioning an ode to classic films, a journey through the decadent eras, or a lively classic Western theme, our dancers are equipped to bring your vision to fruition. Their versatility allows them to adapt to any theme, taking your guests on a captivating journey through the decades.

The experience our dancers provide goes beyond the dance itself. You and your guests will admire the intricate and wonderful costumes, the imaginative use of props, and the sheer joy and creativity exuded in every performance. These elements combine to create a visual feast that complements the dancers' skill and enhances the overall ambiance of your event.

Hiring hip hop dancers with a theme adds a modern and vibrant touch to your event. Their energetic and impactful performances are not just entertaining; they resonate with a contemporary audience, bringing a fresh and dynamic energy to your event. Whether it’s a corporate event, a private party, or a themed gathering, our hip hop dancers ensure a performance that is both relevant and exhilarating.

Our themed dancers are multi-talented artists who understand the importance of thematic consistency and audience engagement. They are experts at tailoring their performances to suit your event’s specific requirements, ensuring that every dance act aligns perfectly with your theme and event objectives.

When you hire our themed dancers, you're ensuring an experience that is visually stunning, emotionally engaging, and utterly unforgettable. They are the perfect addition to any event looking to make a lasting impression on its guests. Their performances are not just dances; they are a celebration of artistic expression, cultural diversity, and creative storytelling.

In conclusion, let Altus Entertainment's themed dancers bring elegance, excitement, and entertainment to your event. Our dancers' expertise in various dance forms and their ability to embody different themes make them an ideal choice for creating a unique and memorable event experience. Contact us today to hire themed dancers and transform your special evening into an extraordinary celebration of dance and creativity.