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Authentic Brazilian Dance Performance

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   Can tailor any client's request with their six different outfit options

   Brings authentic South American culture to any themed events, corporate functions and product launches

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Moscow

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Transport your event to the heart of a Rio carnival with our exhilarating Brazilian dancers for hire, whose zestful performances encapsulate the soul and spirit of Brazil's rich culture. Their passionate energy and dazzling costumes create a festive atmosphere that will turn any occasion into a dynamic and unforgettable celebration.

Our gifted dancers specialize in Latin American routines, with a talent for transforming venues into a slice of Brazilian paradise. Comprising two male and eleven female performers, this 13-dancer ensemble promises a high-voltage performance that will captivate and energize guests from start to finish.

This international troupe's diverse backgrounds unite to showcase authentic Brazilian entertainment. With six varied costume selections, the ensemble ensures a visually stunning performance that aligns with your event's theme and your personal preferences.

More than just a dance act, our Brazilian troupe is a versatile entertainment powerhouse, offering eight distinct performances. Whether you're seeking to tailor a custom show or choose from their expertly choreographed numbers, they have the flexibility and skill to exceed your expectations.

Ideal for any setting, from intimate dinner affairs to grand celebrations, our dancers bring a slice of South America wherever they go. Their vibrant Brazil carnival dancing provides a spectacular backdrop for corporate events and product launches that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Ensure your next gathering is nothing short of spectacular with the fiery beats and moves of our Brazilian Dance Ensemble. Book now to infuse your event with the genuine excitement and fervor of a Brazilian carnival.