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A beautiful samba dancer in a yellow feather costume posing for a photo at Carnival. | Altus Entertainment

Beautiful Samba Dancer

booking highlights

   Authentic Brazilian samba entertainment

   Vibrant, colorful Carnaval costumes

   Energetic and interactive performances

   Captivating choreography and passion

   Ideal for themed parties and corporate events

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Ignite the rhythm and flair of Rio de Janeiro at your next celebration and hire Brazilian dancers for themed parties that resonate with the exuberance of Carnival. Our Beautiful Samba Dancer and her ensemble bring the soul-stirring beats of Brazil music dance to life, offering a performance that is as authentic as it is electrifying.

Step into a world where every sway and sashay tells a story of culture and celebration. These dancers are not just performers; they are the embodiment of Brazilian carnival dance, dressed in a kaleidoscope of radiant costumes, their movements a visual feast that captures the essence of genuine Carnaval spirit.

The passion and energy that our ensemble brings to the stage are unparalleled, making them the heartbeat of any event. From corporate gatherings to intimate parties, their presence guarantees an atmosphere filled with infectious rhythms and superb choreography that will have every guest captivated.

When you're looking to transport your guests to the vibrant streets of Brazil, there's no need to look further. Our dancers embody the grace, beauty, and festive soul of Brazilian culture, ensuring your themed party will be talked about long after the last beat has faded.

Book now and let the Beautiful Samba Dancer and her team take your event to the jubilant heart of Brazil, with performances that are nothing short of extraordinary. Viva o Carnaval!


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  • The Palms Resort, Turks and Caicos
  • Hidalgo, Mexico parade
  • Kentucky Derby after party
  • Bud Light commercial
  • Many more!


"The dancers were absolutely amazing! Very professional, very authentic and they put on a fantastic show. I would definitely hire them again in a heartbeat."

Kristina Andersen, BDA sports