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Brazilian Samba Dancers for Hire!

Host a world-class carnival with our experienced Brazilian Samba and Carnival Dancers. Their performances and captivating rhythms will transport your guests to Rio. Perfect for any event, our dancers bring the energy and passion of authentic Latin dance to your doorstep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, many of the Brazilian dancers offer interactive entertainment experiences. You can opt for lessons, making them perfect for team-building events or group activities.

Many dance styles are available. Ranging from Samba to Brazilian folk dance.

Altus Entertainment offers various Brazilian dancers, our team will work with you to not only find the perfect dance company but to ensure that any customizing you need is done in an artistic and professional manner.

Acts List

A group of themed dancers posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
Authentic Brazilian Dance Performance
Authentic Brazilian Dance Show, bringing fun, colorful, glamorous, sexy Brazilian Carnival atmosphere to any event ,Can tailor any client's request with their six different outfit options as well as provide audiences with eight different performances , The Brazilian dancers' lively Latin-inspired dance show is a great way to bring authentic South American culture to any themed events, corporate functions and product launches,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Moscow
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A beautiful samba dancer in a yellow feather costume posing for a photo at Carnival. | Altus Entertainment
Beautiful Samba Dancer
High-energy Brazilian Samba dancers that are perfect for festivals, themed events, dinner shows, and corporate gatherings ,Has performed for high-end clients such as Calvin Klein, Kentucky Derby, Wrigley Mansion, and more ,Extravagant costumes that radiant an array of bright colors that can be customized for any themed event ,Available to book worldwide, based in Arizona
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Women group dressed in performance costumes posing for photo at entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Crowd Engaging GoGo Dancers
Engaging, energizing dance performances,Customizable themes for any event,Vibrant interactive entertainment,Dynamic crowd invigoration
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Group of male performers in white outfits posing on a red carpet at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Samba Drumline with Dancers
Choice of dancers as an upgrade,Energetic percussion and mesmerizing dance,Visually and audibly stunning synchronized performances,Transforms events with Brazilian themed entertainment,Offers a unique cultural entertainment experience
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Carnival performer in vibrant purple and white costume with feathered headdress, waving in front of number 25 red sports car | Altus Entertainment
Samba Sensation Dance Team
Authentic Brazilian Samba performances,Choose to include drummers for an enhances experience,Dazzling costumes and choreography,Electrifying dance and drum collaboration,Tailored shows for diverse celebrations
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Group of musicians singing and playing instruments during a wedding ceremony | Altus Entertainment
Latin Fusion Singers
Bilingual Show Spanish/English,Dress according to the event or per client request,Professionalism and reliability in delivering a seamless show,Fusion of Latin passion and Swing sophistication
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Tropical band performing outdoors near scenic ocean, including musician playing keyboard, vocalist singing, percussionists playing drums, and bassist strumming guitar all in colorful Hawaiian shirts | Altus Entertainment
Latin Ensemble with Singer
4 years voted The #1 Latin Band of Florida, USA,Miami Latino Magazine Awards 2022 and 2019 In Miami, USA.,Has performed for Dolce & Gabbana, Donald Trump (Mara Lago), Toshiba USA, El Corte Inglés (Mexico), Avionics (Canada),Has performed live for VH1 National TV, América TeVe and Mega TV in Miami, Telemundo NBC Channel 47 New York, and Azteca TV in West Palm Beach, FL.,Covers a wide range of Latin and popular genres, ensuring a thrilling experience for guests of all tastes
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Samba Dancers For Hire and So much more!

Step into a world of rhythmic allure and vibrant culture with our exceptional Brazilian dancers, ready to transform your event into a lively Brazilian festa! Our professional dance troupe specializes in various authentic Brazilian dance styles, ensuring a captivating performance that will leave your guests in awe.

Our Brazilian dancers are adept at bringing Brazil's heart-pounding rhythms and colorful traditions to your event. Whether it's the energetic samba, the martial arts-infused capoeira, or the romantic bossa nova, our skilled dancers embody the spirit of Brazil in every performance.

Experience the pulsating beats of Brazil with our Samba Dancers for hire; they bring a burst of color and carnival spirit to your event. Their mesmerizing moves and vibrant costumes will transport your guests to the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro.

Merge dance with martial arts in a capoeira performance showcasing Brazil's historical and cultural richness. Our capoeira artists blend acrobatics with music and dance, creating a visually stunning display of Brazilian heritage.

Immerse in the soothing yet expressive realm of bossa nova. Our dancers interpret the lyrical beauty of this Brazilian dance style, providing a gentle, romantic ambiance perfect for intimate gatherings or corporate events.

Explore the diverse cultural tapestry of Brazil with traditional folk dance performances. Our dancers bring forth Brazil's regional stories and customs, offering a unique and educational entertainment experience.

Tailor the Brazilian dance performance to suit the theme and mood of your event. Whether you desire a high-energy carnival atmosphere or a subtle, sophisticated dance show, we can customize the act to meet your expectations.

Engage your guests in a fun interactive dance lesson for team-building or group activities. Our professional dancers will guide your guests through the basic steps of samba, forro, or any Brazilian dance style you choose, promoting a lively and inclusive atmosphere.

Our Brazilian dancers are not just performers; they are cultural ambassadors ready to take your event to new heights of entertainment. The authenticity and passion they bring to their craft ensure a memorable, exhilarating celebration that resonates with the lively spirit of Brazil. Book our Brazilian dancers and let the rhythm of Brazil enliven your event!