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Comedy Magic Spectacular

booking highlights

   Intricate illusions mixed with hearty laughs

   Original musical score, unforgettable tunes

   Sketch comedy with music, dance, comedy, playful drama, magic and illusions.

   Broadway dazzle meets Vegas magic

Services Offered

Comedy Magic Spectacular PHOTOS

Step up for an evening where laughter and wonder collide in Altus Entertainment's "Comedy Magic Spectacular." Prepare to be taken away on a whirlwind adventure where the glitter of Broadway meets the allure of Las Vegas. When you book comedy magic performers like ours, you're securing a ticket to a hilarious comedy show that transcends the boundaries of entertainment.

Our "Small Cast, Big Show" production is a symphony of chuckles and gasps, a seamless fusion of stand-up comedy and spellbinding illusions, all set to a soundtrack that will have you tapping your feet. Our comedy magic entertainers for hire have created a love story that dances through showbiz's absurdities, entrancing audiences of all ages with the original and homage-laden musical score.

With every act, our performers pull back the curtain to reveal a world where magic and joy coexist. This story-driven extravaganza is not just a performance; it's a journey through the art of comedy magic, with a sprinkle of song and dance for that extra sparkle. The magic isn't just in the tricks—it's in the belly laughs, the shared smiles, and the sense of connection that only a live show can deliver.

Ideal for those magical date nights, family outings, or evenings out with friends, our Comedy Magic Spectacular is a heartfelt tribute to the show-mantic spirit of the greatest live shows, cabarets, and silver screen performances. So why settle for the mundane when you can experience the extraordinary?

Let Altus Entertainment infuse your next event with the hilarity and amazement of our Comedy Magic Spectacular. It's more than a show; it's the celebration of life's most enchanting moments, draped in sequins and served with a side of laughter. For an unforgettable experience, contact our entertainment specialists today and bring the magic of comedy to your stage.