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East Coast Comedy Magician

booking highlights

   Top-notch comedy magician with physics-defying tricks

   Memorable, engaging magician acts

   Stage to roaming magic versatility

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in the USA

   Magic meets comedy for all ages

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Elevate your gathering with laughter and illusion by booking the East Coast Comedy Magician for hire. This performer doesn't just do magic; he infuses every act with a comedic twist that guarantees an evening of chuckles and astonishment. His versatile comedy magician show offers a blend of interactive stage magic and roaming performances that can adapt to the length and style of your event, ensuring your guests are engaged and delighted for up to five hours.

From grand illusions that play out on stage to intimate close-up tricks that happen right in your hands, our comedy magician entertainer creates moments of wonder that appeal to every age. Whether you're looking for the perfect entertainment for a birthday bash, a corporate gala, or a lively bachelor/ette party, this magician's dynamic performance will hit the mark, dazzling with skill and wit.

Imagine the glee as your guests are treated to a world where cards come alive and objects defy the laws of physics, all punctuated with humor that keeps the atmosphere light and energetic. This isn't just a magic show; it's an interactive experience that wraps each trick in a fun blanket, leaving your guests with lasting memories and stories to share.

With a repertoire that resonates with toddlers and grandparents alike, the East Coast Comedy Magician for hire is the key to a successful event. Roll back the curtains and welcome a show filled with jaw-dropping magic and roaring laughter, a combination proven to keep audiences captivated from start to finish. Take the chance to feature a show that intertwines the amazement of magic with the joy of comedy at your next event.


[He] was a fabulous entertainer! We had him performing at our Holiday Party during dinner and he was a delight to our guests. Really added a special touch and some lighthearted fun. Thanks so much for making our event a special one. Hire [him] if you want your guests to be all smiles and laughter!

Wolfgang Capital

An incredible experience, we were really blown away at every trick he performed! Great ability to read the room and joke around genuinely. We all really enjoyed our time!

Nathan Brucker

[He] did a great job at our company holiday party! He worked the room during cocktail hour, performing up-close, slight-of-hand tricks. He had us baffled and in awe, and everyone really enjoyed him! He was professional and responsive, and we felt lucky to have him! Thanks!

Miz Mandy

Wonderful magician! I booked [him] for my boyfriend's birthday and it made all the difference between a regular party and a truly great party. The tricks were great and [he] is funny and engaging. We had mostly adults at the party, but there were a few teenagers and a few pre-teens, and even my 4-year-old nephew—everyone loved the show! I received so many congratulations on the party just because of the great magical show. And I can't forget to mention how great the fire-eating portion was! I even shared [his] information with more than one family member who is interested in having him perform at a future date. If I ever need a magician again, he will definitely be my go-to guy. Thanks again. Hopefully, we'll see you again in the future!

Amanda Rymer