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Comedy Magician Las Vegas

booking highlights

   Personalized interactive magic experiences

   Clients include top Fortune 500 firms

   Sleight of hand perfected over thousands of shows

   Astonishing magic with a comedic twist

   Custom routines with company branding

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Are you looking for a comedy magician in Las Vegas who will mystify and entertain your guests with laughter? Look no further! Our Comedy Magician Las Vegas is the perfect fusion of humor and illusion, creating an interactive experience that transforms events into unforgettable gatherings.

Blending quick-witted comedy with jaw-dropping magic, our magician is a hit for corporate comedy magicians in Las Vegas needs and beyond. From the seamless sleight of hand that will have your audience questioning reality to whimsical jokes that perfectly punctuate each trick, your event will be the talk of the town.

Our magician specializes in close-up magic that invites guests to participate in the show, culminating in personal experiences of wonder that are as unique and memorable. Whether weaving a company's name into a card trick or making objects vanish before your eyes, our corporate comedy magician in Las Vegas knows how to captivate an audience.

Within the dazzling lights of Vegas, where entertainment is paramount, our Comedy Magician stands out with acts crafted to perfection. His reputation for astounding tricks and engaging humor makes him highly sought after by those looking for comedy magicians in Las Vegas for corporate events, private parties, and special occasions.

When you book our Comedy Magician Las Vegas, you're not just getting a magic show but investing in an atmosphere of fun and amazement. It's time to elevate your event with laughter, applause, and magical moments that will linger in your guests' minds long after the curtains close. Contact Altus Entertainment to secure a performance by the magician who brings magic and mirth to the stage.

“We hired [him] for a couple of events here in Vegas. The guy is outstanding. So much fun. I was dying at some of his tricks. His hands are pretty quick so keep an eye out for him. He engaged everybody. Everybody had a good time. Just a great personality and fun to hang out with.”

David Totten, Chief Technology Officer, US Partner Ecosystem at Microsoft

“We hired [him] to help with our Sales Kickoff this year. We had a large group and couldn’t be more thrilled with how [he] performed. Everyone is on the up and up. We are ready to go tackle and amazing year now.”

TJ Michie, Cisco Meraki

“I threw a party for the founders of the top internet companies, from Dropbox to AirBNB to Square, and all of them were blown away by his magic. Many of them told me afterwards it made the evening for them. Founders of tech companies are tough to fool, and all were left wondering about [his] tricks."

Joe Green, Harvard Roommate to Mark Zuckerberg, president of and founder of Causes

"Left the entire room spellbound... Magic and Flair unparalleled by anything..."

Dept. of Defense