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Magicians and Mind Readers

Magic acts and Mind readers, oh my!

From Magic Acts to mind readers for hire with Altus you can add an exceptional touch of mystery and intrigue to your event. Their performances, filled with astonishing feats, predictions, and illusions, will leave your guests spellbound. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, or any occasion that calls for a unique entertainment experience, our magicians will deliver a truly unforgettable show.


Acts List

Mind Readers, Magic, and more when hiring with Altus Entertainment!

Altus Entertainment and you can make choosing the perfect mind readers or magicians for your event accessible to hire. Our diverse range of talented magicians and our entertainment experts ensure you find the ideal act based on your specific event requirements, whether a corporate gala dinner, awards ceremony, festival, or intimate gathering.

For large audiences, our spectacular Magic stage shows captivate with astonishing feats such as conjuring, escapism, illusions, prediction, and telepathy. These can be customized to fit the size and needs of your gathering.

If you're hosting an intimate gathering, such as a wedding or cocktail lounge, our magic acts and Mentalists are ideal for your celebration. They can foster a genuine connection through one-to-one interaction or Bring a large crowd to their feet in wonder. Drawing on traditional tricks, pickpocketing, and sleight of hand, close-up magic has also evolved to include technology in the form of a digital magic show, adding a modern twist to a classic art form.

At Altus Entertainment, our entertainment experts guide you in selecting the best magician or mind reader for hire for your event, ensuring a memorable and captivating experience for your guests. Book famous mind-readers and experienced magicians for hire with Altus Entertainment, and let us add a touch of wonder to your next event.