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Altus Entertainment offers a roster of top-tier mentalists, ready to elevate your event with mind-reading feats that captivate and amaze. Whether on stage or mingling among guests, our mentalists provide an interactive experience that's both entertaining and memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mentalist magician specializes in performing acts that involve reading minds, predicting outcomes, and demonstrating feats of mental agility. Their performances often blur the lines between illusion and reality, leaving audiences intrigued and amazed.

Absolutely! Our mentalists are skilled at incorporating specific themes, brands, or messages into their performances, making them ideal for corporate events, product launches, and promotional activities.

Most mentalists can perform with minimal equipment, but specific requirements can vary based on the act. It's essential to discuss any technical or logistical needs in advance.

Mentalist acts are highly interactive, often involving audience participation. Guests may be asked to think of a word, choose a card, or participate in a demonstration, making the experience engaging and memorable.

Acts List

Young male magician showcasing a deck of cards | Altus Entertainment
Extreme Magician
Star appearances on NBC's "America's Got Talent" and live shows with celebrities,Current resident magician at Madison Square Garden,One of the most extensive touring illusion shows in the country,Customizable performance scale to suit various venues and audience types,High-energy, theater-style illusion shows that reinvent the excitement of magic
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A bearded magician performing a mesmerizing illusion in front of a stunning cityscape at night | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Mentalist Magician
Charismatic entertainer able to engage with audiences of all ages,Featured on national television such as Fox5, NY1 and performed solo shows around the US,Fully interactive online magic and mind-reading show over Zoom, with guests getting involved with his online tricks,Perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies, weddings, private events, and much more
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A man in a suit and tie performs a magical gesture with his hands. | Altus Entertainment
Extreme Mind Magician
Unique blend of psychology, mentalism, and showmanship ,Numerous television appearances on international platforms ,Critically acclaimed shows at prestigious festivals like Edinburgh Fringe,Mind-reading mastery that will leave audiences amazed
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Magician performing card trick at upscale event with decorative backdrop and spread of playing cards on table | Altus Entertainment
Strolling Magician
Skilled sleight of hand performances,Captivating mind-reading tricks,Engaging comedic delivery
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An Explosive Mentalist mesmerizes the audience | Altus Entertainment
Explosive Mentalist
Astonishing mentalism that captivates any crowd,Renowned performer to the stars,Bespoke acts for corporate and private events,Over three decades of magical excellence,More than just tricks, a transformative experience
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Black and white artistic image of male performer dramatically covering his face with hands | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Mind Control
Interactive and fully-digital show,Blends close-up magic, illusions, and comedy,Customizable for any online event,Offers virtual workshop programs,Perfect choice for those looking to hire virtual Mind Reader acts
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A bald man demonstrating a spinning disc for a performance | Altus Entertainment
Hypnotist Expert
Hypnotist Expert for an unforgettable comedy show,Turns guests into stars of the show,Customizes performance for any audience,Expertise in hypnotism performance,Provides both educational and entertaining experiences
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Male performer sporting a leather jacket and sunglasses against a vibrant blue backdrop | Altus Entertainment
TV Celebrity Magician
Regular star of "Masters of Illusion" on The CW and 2022 Mentalist of the Year,Innovative performer with multiple appearances on national TV shows like "Penn & Teller: Fool Us",High-profile private magician shows for A-list celebrities,Global reputation with tours in over 30 countries,Highly interactive and engaging shows known for their excitement and surprise
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Female performer skillfully wielding twin knives before a vibrant red curtain on stage | Altus Entertainment
Team Building Magic Shows
Team building game shows fully customized to the event,Unique Team Building Magic Shows , Promotes collaboration and communication ,Engaging trade show brand-building,Immersive close-up magic experiences,Mentalism that bridges mind and miracle
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Hire Mentalist Magicians for Your Next Event

In the realm of entertainment, few acts can captivate, intrigue, and leave audiences in sheer awe quite like mentalists. These unique performers possess the uncanny ability to delve into the minds of guests, offering an interactive experience that blurs the lines between reality and illusion. With Altus Entertainment, you can hire mentalist magicians who are masters of their craft, ensuring your event is nothing short of unforgettable.

Imagine hosting a gala, and as the evening progresses, your guests are treated to a series of mind-reading feats that leave them questioning the very nature of reality. Or perhaps you're organizing a corporate event, and you want to offer attendees an experience that's both entertaining and thought-provoking. Our mentalists for hire are versatile performers, adept at tailoring their acts to suit any occasion. Whether you want them to take center stage or mingle among guests, performing close-up mind tricks, they're up to the task.

But what truly sets our mentalists apart is their ability to incorporate your event's theme, brand, or honored guests into their performances. This personalized touch ensures that not only are your guests entertained, but they also feel like an integral part of the show. It's this combination of engagement, wonder, and personalization that makes hiring a mentalist for a party or event a decision you won't regret.