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Comedy Magician and Mentalist

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   Professional class act who is a two-time Gold Medal champion

   Global talent that has entertained prestigious venues such as the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Resorts Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, and more

   Ideal for corporate events, theaters, gala dinners & more

   Available for worldwide bookings, based in Boston

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Prepare to be enthralled by the extraordinary talents of our comedy magician and mentalist, an artist who takes the art of illusion to new heights with a performance that is as hilarious as it is jaw-dropping. With a two-time Gold Medal championship and a reputation as one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists today, our funny mentalist for corporate event brings a blend of magic and laughter that is unmatched in the entertainment industry.

This world-class magician has captivated audiences across the globe, from Broadway to the big screen, enchanting celebrities and royals alike. Imagine the look of sheer astonishment on your guests' faces as he performs psychic feats, reads minds, and executes sleight-of-hand tricks, all with a comedic twist that ensures the laughter is as abundant as the amazement.

He doesn't just perform tricks; he creates immersive experiences that create the best magic event, leaving lasting memories. Whether making a date appear on a smartphone or pulling off an impossible illusion, every act is a testament to his prowess and creativity.

His pedigree is unquestionable after having graced esteemed stages such as The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, and even performing for the King and Queen of Sweden. His talents are so sought after that he has become a staple entertainer on luxury cruise lines and was even featured alongside Matt Damon in the film "Good Will Hunting".

Don't miss the chance to bring this caliber of entertainment to your next event. Whether it's a corporate function, private gala, or any special occasion, if you're looking to hire a professional comedy mentalist, ours will ensure it's an event to remember. Book now, and let him work his magic to make your special day an unforgettable extravaganza.


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You did a fabulous job of making it a seamless evening. The way you tied in the brand was terrific and made the entire evening hold together with the theme. Your performance was smart and entertaining. Great job!

Terri B. - Director Product Public Relations, Sara Lee Branded Apparel

The combination of your personality, warm smile, and dazzling magic captivated our audience. Thank you for your outstanding performance.

Guy W. - Staff Director, Verizon

I was very impressed by how you entertained more than 400 guests at our event. We have received many positive comments saying how our employees enjoyed your show. Great job!

Dorothy L. - Project Leader, Analog Devices

Your act, with a combination of magic, humor and illusions, had something in it for everyone. To put it simply, you were a real hit!

Marc R. - IBM Corporation

Thank you for providing such a mesmerizing and professional performance for our User’s Group Meeting. Our clients came from all over the world and were looking forward to first-rate entertainment, and you certainly provided that. Again, thanks for helping to make our meeting a memorable success.

Randal R. - Sr. Trainer/Consultant, ISI Systems, Inc.