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Strolling Magician

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   Skilled sleight of hand performances

   Captivating mind-reading tricks

   Engaging comedic delivery

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Infuse your next event with the unparalleled artistry of our renowned strolling magician and mentalist whose accolades speak volumes. Honored with the title of Best Club Entertainment by Boardroom Magazine and a consistent figure among the nation's Top Corporate Entertainers, his walk-around magic shows are not just shows—they're electrifying experiences that are sure to leave your guests in awe.

A third-generation psychic, our magician brings more than 23 years of seasoned expertise to the world of magic and mentalism. His performances are a blend of precision, flair, and an intimate understanding of the human psyche, allowing him to engage with even the most sophisticated audiences seamlessly.

A fixture in elite entertainment venues, our magician has graced the illustrious stages of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, woven magic into the air at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and has been the creative force behind multiple film, TV, and theatrical productions. His Off-Broadway sensation "Extraordinary Deceptions" garnered rave reviews, cementing his reputation as a master of illusion and intrigue.

As a performer who is as respected by his peers as he is by his audiences, our mentalist's membership in the Psychic Entertainers Association and The Academy of Magical Arts is a testament to his commitment to the craft. Whether it's a private club, a corporate gala, or an international event, our magician's award-winning magic and mentalism are guaranteed to energize and enthrall, offering your guests an experience they will long remember. If you're looking to hire a strolling/close up magician, consider this one for an unforgettable magical experience.

"He performed at our regional awards banquet and he was fantastic. His mind reading was fun, engaging, and really incredible. I was really impressed with how he tailored the show specifically for our event. His humor, energy, and ability to keep our attention the entire time are why he's the best at what he does! We can’t wait to have him back!"

First American Title

"He engaged people who might normally be too shy to participate in a way that brought out the best in everyone. I highly recommend him!"

Pamela S. CBS