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Corporate Speaker-Mentalist

booking highlights

   Mentalism, hypnotherapy, authorship fusion

   Meet and Greet after the show - complimentary upon request

   Best-selling author meets corporate speaker

   Live demos engage audience

   Engaging speaker for any sized crowd

   Interactive Zoom virtual show available

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Transform your corporate events into a hub of inspiration and insight when you hire corporate mentalist speaker renowned for captivating an audience beyond traditional keynotes. Elevate your conference or seminar with "The Mind Mastery Maestro," a unique mentalist keynote speaker for events that require a touch of the extraordinary.

Our speaker combines the thrill of mentalism with actionable strategies in sales, communication, and customer service, promising not just an act but an enlightening experience. Imagine a session where the power of your mind is not just discussed but unlocked, yielding exceptional results that resonate with each individual and the collective enterprise.

When you hire corporate mentalist speaker from us, you're signing up for more than motivation; you're guaranteeing an interactive journey through the capabilities of human potential. He doesn't just read minds; he reads the room, adapting his program to align perfectly with your event objectives and themes, ensuring that his message isn't just seen and heard but felt and remembered.

Infuse your event with the wisdom from his best-selling work, "Smile for a Change," and discover the subtle yet profound ways a simple smile can revolutionize personal and professional interactions. This mentalist keynote speaker for events is ready to bring a blend of entertainment, education, and life-changing perspectives to your following function.

The keys to growth, success, and personal enlightenment are often locked within us. Unlock these with our gifted mentalist, and watch as your corporate environment transforms with rejuvenation and newfound purpose. Contact us today to secure a speaker that will leave your audience in awe and your organization in ascendancy.

"He did a project team celebration event for us that was done virtually and the team LOVED every minute of it. He was funny, engaging, and personalized his show to the project and the team members. His feats of mentalism blew people away leaving everyone with their mouths agape in wonder and had everyone chatting online about "how did he do that?”

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"My mind was blown away! The most interactive, entertaining Zoom event I have ever participated in!”

B’nai Aviv (Virtual Fundrasing Gala)

We had a blast hiring him for the second time. It was SO much fun, and I love how interactive the entire thing is. You make it seem like we are so close to each other even though we are virtually far away. "


"I personally enjoyed seeing the shock on people getting spotlighted at random ? Also I’ve never heard our name plugged as much as it was in this, great marketing!"