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Overcoming Adversity Keynote Speaker

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   A dynamic keynote speaker that speaks on Overcoming Adversity

   Uses personal stories to create and develop trust with his audience to provide real-life examples of change

   Ideal for corporate events, team bonding events, team meetings, and more

   Encourages employees to create a positive mindset

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This keynote speaker curates presentations to help his audience develop a positive mindset behind the various topics he speaks on. One of his most popular is having a Vision Mindset Grit, which translates to Success Strategies to Help You Stand Up to Any Challenge.  He survived multiple life-threatening accidents and setbacks, and he educates listeners on how to construct clear visions for themselves so they're driven enough to force through with action without feeling overwhelmed. He has helped leaders from all industries find their competitive advantages, by connecting organizations together around shared goals and he does this through a coaching process where they can adapt any necessary strategies accordingly when transitioning into new markets. 

His teaching helps listeners craft a clear vision to guide them in taking action and helps leaders discover how connecting their organization with shared values can give it a that competitive advantage.

In his talks, he explores and helps his audience to create the most unstoppable mindset possible to get through their toughest obstacles. Listeners will learn how to apply the principles of grit in order to reach their full potential. They'll also be given some tips on standing up against any challenge that may come along! To book, contact your entertainment specialist at Altus Entertainment.


We cried, we laughed, and we cheered! You presented the perfect message following our intense human resource management training, instilling within us to believe that we can indeed achieve all that we aspire to do and to be. With unparalleled credibility, you taught us how to face the challenges in our professional and personal lives. You taught us to not resist difficulties; rather persevere…and you told us how to do it! You said to clearly identify what we are fighting for, to focus and continually refocus our minds on what we have the ability and power to do, and then simply, but not easily, not give up. Your compelling story of tragedy and triumph was the backdrop, providing what is sure to be a lasting memory to inspire and motivate us to also live purposely applying the same timeless principles that enable us to live an abundant life.

Sonja Stanchina, MBA, IPMA-SCP, SHRM-SCP, CLRM, Western Regional IPMA

I’ve been sourcing speakers for our annual leadership meeting for several years, and this year I believe his message was one of the most powerful and resonating keynotes witnessed by our attendees. There is a turning point in Scott’s message where I can guarantee your audience will all rise to their feet in thunderous applause, emotionally thunderstruck by the moment. His personal story of tragedy would ultimately prove to be no match for his will to triumph through Vision, Mindset & Grit. I don’t think there is another person out there that truly “walks the talk” as a keynote speaker. If you want to be reassured and inspired that the human will is stronger than life’s setbacks and that there really are no limits to your dreams.

Ryan MacAfee, VP Strategic Sourcing, SMILE BRANDS

I had the pleasure to hire a speaker to deliver the keynote address for the 2019 IWLA annual convention. This keynote sets the tone and stage for the entire convention. We look for someone who can inspire us, has a message that ties to our convention theme & industry, and who would motivate us. He delivered on these three key points and more! He was able to weave his personal story with lessons learned, strategies to overcome obstacles that come your way, and encourage all to never quit because success can be just around the corner. Our audience was captivated by these messages. A measure of success was that he received two standing ovations. Standing ovations rarely happen in our keynotes, and two have never happened before him. Working with him was a pleasure. He was available, communicative, and generous with his time. He made sure he delivered what we were looking for in a keynote. I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker and would be happy to talk with you about our experience.

Liz Whitney Director, Education & Meetings, International Warehouse Logistics Association