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Altus Entertainment offers spectacular magic stage shows, perfect for bringing the excitement and awe of magic performances to any event. Our skilled magicians expertly blend escape artistry, large-scale illusions, and mind-reading with interactive elements, creating a mesmerizing experience that incorporates brands and engages guests, making every event memorable and talked about for years.


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Trade Show Entertainment: A man demonstrating magic with a teapot. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Pickpocket Magician
Resident magician at Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas,Consultant on three seasons of Criss Angel's "Mindfreak" TV show,Versatile pickpocket and magician,Also has an amazing virtual show available
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A group of people playing a game of charades with comedy magicians. | Altus Entertainment
Gentleman of Magic
A young performer that has appeared for Hugo Boss, Peloton, Netflix, Amazon, Google, and NASDAQ,Melds classic techniques with modern twists,Acclaimed international performer and consultant,When tasked with providing party entertainment to discerning guests, we turn to this magician,Fresh, innovative approach to magic
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A man performing magic tricks. | Altus Entertainment
Master Magician Storyteller
Incredible live show with magic, comedy, illusions & audience participation,With his ability to combine sales with sorcery, perfect fit for awards ceremonies, product launches, exhibitions, and more.,With previous clients like Dior, Bloomingdales, American Express, & IBM, Available to perform at events worldwide, based in New York
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The magician is wearing a black leather jacket during his magic stage show. | Altus Entertainment
International Close-Up Magician
Created unique magic effects for major television networks such as CCTV, A&E, and Netflix,Performed in Las Vegas for many years working in a super production called “The Supernaturalists” created by Criss Angel,Award winning magician, magician of the year 2018, FISM Europe,Will customize his performances to suit your specific event,Based in Madrid Spain, available to travel world-wide
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A Grand Illusionist and a woman performing on a magic stage. | Altus Entertainment
Grand Illusionist
Physics and death-defying illusions will be the highlight of any performance as he headlines in venues across America, with more than 40 countries having seen him perform.,The Grand illusionist and stage magician has captivated audiences all over the world with his enchanting performances.,His unforgettable original illusions are uniquely presented as awe-inspiring storytelling on the grandest scale.,Available to perform at events worldwide and based in Oklahoma City
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A close up magician in a leather jacket performing on stage. | Altus Entertainment
On-stage Comedy Magic Show
Entertaining 45 minute show great for a seated audience of all ages ,Filled with audience participation, clean improv comedy, and jaw-dropping magic ,Previous clients include Fortune 500 companies, Cisco, Sarah Lee, Southwest Airlines, and many more ,Featured on FOX, ABC, and NBC and appeared in Masters of Illusion
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A man in a suit and tie is performing a magic trick during a Comedy Magic Show. | Altus Entertainment
Comical Sleight of Hand Artist
Unique and delightful brand of entertainment, blending heart-stopping magic with side-splitting hilarity,His quick wit will keep your audience rolling, as he amazes them with magic effects,Frequent performer on Disney Cruise Lines and Broadway's The Illusionists,Multiple-time winner of "Magician of the Year" by Hollywood’s prestigious Academy of Magical Arts
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A comedy magician in a blue suit holding a card. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Comedy Magician
Blend of illusion and humor,Multiple award-winning performances,Tailored acts for every event,Renowned for audience participation,Over two decades of experience
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Male performer sporting a leather jacket and sunglasses against a vibrant blue backdrop | Altus Entertainment
Celebrity Magician
Regular star of "Masters of Illusion" on The CW and 2022 Mentalist of the Year,Innovative performer with multiple appearances on national TV shows like "Penn & Teller: Fool Us",High-profile private magician shows for A-list celebrities,Global reputation with tours in over 30 countries,Highly interactive and engaging shows known for their excitement and surprise
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Best Stage Show Magicians for Events and Parties

Bring the wonder and excitement of a Las Vegas-style spectacle to your event with Altus Entertainment's magic stage shows. When you book a magic stage show with us, you're not just adding entertainment to your event; you're infusing it with awe, mystery, and the thrill of the impossible. Our stage shows are a blend of lights, music, special effects, and, most importantly, skillful magic tricks that will leave your guests astounded.

Our magic and illusion shows can incorporate a variety of disciplines, from the daring escapes of Houdini-esque artistry to grand-scale illusions that defy logic, and mind-reading acts that blur the lines between reality and the supernatural. Every performance is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless and mesmerizing experience for your audience.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Our best stage show magicians are experts at audience engagement. They can weave your brand or products into their acts, turning a magic show into a unique marketing opportunity. Alternatively, they can invite guests on stage to participate, creating an interactive and unforgettable experience that will be the talk of the town.

Hiring a stage magician from Altus Entertainment means choosing an experience that transcends traditional entertainment. Our magicians are not just performers; they are artists who master the art of illusion and spectacle. Whether you're hosting a corporate event, a private party, or any gathering that seeks to amaze, our Magic Stage Shows are the perfect fit.

Our roster includes some of the best stage show magicians in the business, each bringing their unique style and repertoire of skillful magic tricks. They are adept at captivating audiences of all sizes, turning your event into a magical extravaganza that will be remembered for years to come.

At Altus Entertainment, we understand that every event is unique, and we work closely with you to tailor our Magic Stage Shows to suit your specific needs and theme. Whether you're looking for a classic magic show or a modern illusion act, we have the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life.

In conclusion, booking a Magic Stage Show with Altus Entertainment is the key to unlocking an evening of wonder and enchantment. Our skilled magicians are ready to take your guests on a journey through the incredible and the unbelievable. Contact us today to book a magic stage show and transform your event into a spellbinding experience.