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Gentleman of Magic

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   A young performer that has appeared for Hugo Boss, Peloton, Netflix, Amazon, Google, and NASDAQ

   Melds classic techniques with modern twists

   Acclaimed international performer and consultant

   When tasked with providing party entertainment to discerning guests, we turn to this magician

   Fresh, innovative approach to magic

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In the enchanting world of magic, there's an artist who seamlessly melds the essence of bygone eras with the innovative spirit of today. Hire the Gentleman of Magic, his performances, deeply rooted in the streets of NYC, have echoed far and wide, captivating audiences across the globe.

When you Hire the Gentleman of Magic for Modern Illusions, you aren't merely hiring a magician, you're inviting an experience. An experience enriched by his stints at Lincoln Center, Netflix features, and his acclaimed performances at NYC's iconic venues such as The Friar’s Club and The Rainbow Room.

His accolades are vast, yet it's his passion for the craft that truly mesmerizes.

Drawing from his international acclaim, including the honor of being one of the few American magicians to entertain in Cuba post-revolution, this modern maestro promises a show unlike any other. Far removed from clichéd tuxedos and worn-out jokes, he brings forth magic that challenges, surprises, and leaves even the sharpest minds pondering, "How did he achieve that?"