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Innovative Magician

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   First magician to market himself as the "Corporate Magician" performing for trade shows, business meetings and more

   Incorporates technology in his act that creates a meaningful yet entertaining performance

   Available to book worldwide, based in Pennsylvania

   Unmatched blend of magic, speaking, and salesmanship

   Global performer with a track record of over 500 corporations

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Prepare to be enthralled by the mesmerizing blend of illusion, innovation, and intellect with our talented Corporate Magician, a virtuoso who has shattered the mold of traditional magic. Renowned as a trailblazer, he is not only a magician but also a captivating speaker, a savvy salesman, and a World Champion of magic, all rolled into one extraordinary performer.

Since embarking on his trade show career in the 1970s, this acclaimed magician has stood shoulder to shoulder with industry giants, becoming a staple and the youngest among the revered names on the circuit. Today, he continues to dazzle as a singular force, a synthesis of magician, salesman, and corporate presenter, and has become the first name on anyone's mind who is searching to book a magician for trade shows.

This mastermind has taken his craft to over 20 countries, serving more than 500 corporations with his spellbinding magic. His innovative approach has not only earned him a respected place in corporate entertainment but also led him to share his knowledge as a lecturer at MIT and grace the front page of the Wall Street Journal—not once, but twice.

Often likened to a hybrid of Steve Jobs's ingenuity and the showmanship of Penn & Teller, he inspires audiences to think creatively, embracing technology to educate and amaze. As the original Corporate Magician, he created a unique niche, utilizing his magical prowess to captivate the business world at trade shows, seminars, and special events.

His latest keynote, BRAINDROPS, is a riveting fusion of eye-opening magic, mind-reading, and comedy, all performed on modern devices like iPads and iPhones. Seamlessly blending the realms of business, education, and entertainment, he ensures audiences are not only spellbound during the performance but also left pondering powerful messages long afterward.

With a résumé that includes two TEDx Conference talks, lectures at MIT, and appearances on the Tonight Show, these mind reading magic acts are what you've been searching for. Book our talented Corporate Magician for hire and witness the transformative power of magic that educates, entertains, and leaves a lasting impact on every audience.