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Hire Digital Magician and Caricatures for your Events

Transform your event with Altus Entertainment's Digital Magician and Caricatures, blending interactive technology with classic entertainment for a truly spellbinding experience.

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Digital caricature of a man holding an iPad for art-based entertainment at corporate events. | Altus Entertainment
Event Caricaturist
Professional caricature with over 10 years of experience providing services to various events,Offers a diverse array of services including watercolor caricatures, digital caricatures, illustrations, logo designs, character development, and more,Perfect addition to any event, from corporate gatherings and theme parks to private parties and festivals
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Black and white artistic image of male performer dramatically covering his face with hands | Altus Entertainment
Virtual Mind Control
Interactive and fully-digital show,Blends close-up magic, illusions, and comedy,Customizable for any online event,Offers virtual workshop programs,Perfect choice for those looking to hire virtual Mind Reader acts
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A live event artist creates an art-based entertainment by revealing a unique caricature of a group of people in superman costumes. | Altus Entertainment
Humorous Caricature Show
An entertainer who happens to able to draw - Don Rickles with a Pen,Full color 9x12 caricatures in 5-6 minutes,Interactive caricature performances,Provide your guests with unique, custom-made artwork,Will tailor his performance to your event
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Caricature Illustration Artist | Altus Entertainment
Caricature Illustration Artist
Swift, personalized caricature artistry,Entertaining live illustrations for guests,Over 30 years of professional experience,Unique keepsakes from your special event
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Two girls happily displaying a humorous caricature portrait of themselves at an entertainment event | Altus Entertainment
Caricatures and Illustrations Artist
Talented Caricatures and Illustration Artist for events,Quick black and white caricatures in about 5 minutes,Option for color drawings available,Personalized, quick caricatures as unique keepsakes,Offers both event and studio caricatures
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A Caricature Artist drawing a picture of a woman at a Gala party. | Altus Entertainment
One Minute Caricatures
Fast-paced caricature drawings in about a minute per person,Can draw black and white caricatures of up to 200 people in 3 hours on customized/branded paper for an event,Ability to add color, backgrounds, and body situations to the presentation,Option to combine images to draw people in groups together,Experience of over 100 live full-color caricature shows
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Magician Innovator | Altus Entertainment
Magician Innovator
Portfolio of prestigious clients and celebrity endorsements,Unique blend of mystifying illusions and mind-reading abilities,Highly regarded as a top creator of magical effects,Collaborated with renowned magicians on prime-time specials
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Charismatic performer exuding confidence while performing a captivating card trick | Altus Entertainment
The Virtual Magician
Member of the Academy of Magical Arts,Virtual magic from Hollywood's Magic Castle,Customized shows for diverse global audiences,Interactive illusions and mentalism online,From legal mind to master of magic arts
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Close-up image of a woman's face artistically painted with a vibrant beach scene for entertainment purposes | Altus Entertainment
Caricatures and Face Painter
A versatile entertainment duo offering both traditional and digital caricatures,Quality face painting services to dazzle and delight guests,An interactive iPad Photo Booth complete with props and backdrop for memorable keepsakes,Professional experience with top-tier clients ensuring reliability and exceptional service,A wide selection of games and additional entertainment options to enhance the event atmosphere
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Hire Digital Magician and Caricatures for your Events

In a world where digital innovation shapes our experiences, Altus Entertainment proudly presents a fusion of art and technology with our Digital Magician and Caricatures services. This unique entertainment category captivates and intrigues audiences of all ages.

Imagine a Digital Magician who doesn't just perform tricks but bends the rules of reality with the help of cutting-edge technology. These Technology Magicians use tablets, LED screens, and virtual reality to create illusions and interactive experiences that defy explanation. It's magic reimagined for the digital age, perfect for corporate events looking to make a statement or private parties eager to provide a next-level entertainment experience.

But the digital delight doesn't end there. Alongside our magicians, we offer artists skilled in creating digital caricatures, capturing both likeness and personality with a stylus instead of a pencil. These high-resolution, personalized works of art are not only a crowd-pleaser but also provide a unique take-home memento of your event. With live display screens, guests can watch as their image comes to life in a whimsical, fun, and modern fashion.

Our digital caricature artists are adept at translating the energy and essence of your event into each stroke, creating artwork that resonates with the theme and vibe of your gathering. From corporate branding to celebratory themes, these digital sketches become a live interactive gallery showcasing the fusion of art, technology, and personal connection.

By integrating Digital Magician and Caricatures into your event, you offer guests an interactive digital experience. Each act engages, amazes, and leaves a digital impression that lingers well beyond the event itself. Whether encouraging team building, enhancing brand engagement, or simply providing unique entertainment, our digital performers leave your guests spellbound and smiling.

With Altus Entertainment's innovative entertainment solutions, step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds, and every performance is a step into the future. Book our Digital Magician and Caricatures for your next event, and watch as we turn the digital canvas of your occasion into an unforgettable masterpiece.