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Step into the future with our Dance with Technology acts! Our performers incorporate cutting-edge technology into brilliantly choreographed dance routines, creating a visual spectacle unlike any other. Perfect for any event that calls for a unique and engaging experience. From LED lights to robotics, our acts will leave your guests in awe. Create a memorable event with our Dance with Technology acts. Hire a Dance with Technology act today

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New York LED Dress Dancers
Award-winning performance recognized for innovation and impact,Captivating LED dress designs that bring a new dimension to dance,A versatile act perfect for high-end nightlife events and private functions,A troupe with a track record of excellence and creativity in the dance industry,One-of-a-kind LED Dance Performance that merges cabaret glamour with modern LED technology
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Stunning performer wearing illuminated costumes, creating dynamic glowing shapes against a dark stage in a captivating performance | Altus Entertainment
Innovative LED Performance
State-of-the-art LED costume technology,Customizable shows to fit any theme,Electro-luminescent visuals with virtuoso dancers,Pushing the envelope of dance technology,Immersive experience with futuristic flair
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Crowd Engaging GoGo Dancers
Engaging, energizing dance performances,Customizable themes for any event,Vibrant interactive entertainment,Dynamic crowd invigoration
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LED Windtunnel Go-go Dancer
LED Windtunnel Go-go Dancer with dynamic performances,Costume reacts to music with various lights and colors,Professional Go-go performer for high-energy events,Visual feast combining dance and light show,Performance sure to captivate and engage guests
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DJ mixing at turntables with a vibrant geometric light show backdrop | Altus Entertainment
LED Dancers and Percussion Show
Cutting-edge Video Mapping and LED visuals,Rhythmic percussion meets innovative dance,Modern spectacle for corporate events,Visually stunning, interactive performances,Tailored shows for immersive experiences
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Mirror Man Mimes
Interactive, immersive light and dance show,Customizable high-energy spectacle,Unique laser guitar and violin effects,Perfect for corporate and private events,Reflective suits create mesmerizing visuals
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Two comedy magicians performing with hula hoops on a dark stage. | Altus Entertainment
Customized Poi Spinning Artists
Adaptable for indoor/outdoor performances,Custom routines with logos and branding,Glowing entertainment, fire-free heat,LED acts that ensure a one-of-a-kind experience,Cutting-edge poi technology and artistry
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Futuristic Band and Light Show
State-of-the-art visual light show combined with musical elements that will WOW their audiences,Exciting show that combines live music and visual architecture to give you an exciting musical presentation using modern and nostalgic sci-fi music,Features cinematic Cosplay-inspired characters,Available to book worldwide, based in Las Vegas
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A man in a unique purple suit walking on a runway. | Altus Entertainment
Dancing Air Sculptor
Breathtaking performance that is incredibly unique,A perfect combination between art and dance movement,Past clients include Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz, and Samsung,Available for worldwide events
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Futuristic Tech Dancers for Events and Parties

In an age where innovation meets art, Altus Entertainment introduces the mesmerizing world of technology themed dancers—a perfect blend of rhythmic grace and digital prowess. For those looking to infuse their events with a vision of the future, our futuristic tech dancers offer a performance that transcends traditional entertainment, embodying the seamless integration of human movement with technological marvels.

At the heart of each performance is a team of exceptionally talented technology themed dancers whose movements are not just choreographed but are intricately woven with elements such as LED lights, black light dance shows, projection mapping, and interactive digital backdrops. The result is a multi-dimensional spectacle that captures the essence of your event's theme. With everything from video mapping dancers to optical illusion dancers, our acts showcase the endless possibilities of technology.

Hiring our technology themed dancers means opting for a customizable and dynamic entertainment solution. We understand that technology does not stand still, and neither should the performances that celebrate it. That's why our dancers are continuously evolving, integrating the latest tech trends into their routines, ensuring that your event remains at the forefront of cutting-edge artistry.

Our Futuristic Tech Dancers have the power to transport audiences to a world where technology harmonizes with the human spirit. With every synchronized step and illuminated costume, they narrate a story that aligns with your message. Whether it's the synergy of collaboration in the corporate world or the boundless creativity that technology enables.

In choosing Altus Entertainment for your next event, you're not just booking a dance act; you're curating an immersive journey into the heart of innovation. Our dedication to unparalleled client satisfaction means that from the first consultation to the final applause, your vision of a tech-infused spectacle becomes our mission.

Dare to dazzle with the ultimate fusion of dance and technology. Let your event set the tempo for the future as our technology-themed dancers illuminate the stage in an unforgettable performance that is both a feat of engineering and a celebration of choreography.