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Mirror Man Mimes

booking highlights

   Perfect for corporate and private events

   Unique laser guitar and violin effects

   Customizable high-energy spectacle

   Interactive, immersive light and dance show

   Reflective suits create mesmerizing visuals

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Hiring Mirror Man performers can take your event to the next level with an unconventional show that offers unparalleled visual entertainment. Our Mirror Man Mime Show promises a sensory overload, with two expert performers fully adorned in shimmering mirror suits that cascade light across your venue, bathing it in a kaleidoscope of colors and motion. This act isn't just a performance; it's an enchanting experience, a gateway to a realm of fantasy and spectacle.

Engage and interact with these mirror man characters for events for a full 40 minutes as guests are drawn into the show, participating in activities, dancing, and snapping photos with the mirror man characters for events, all specially designed to leave a lasting impact. Personalize the thrill with CO2 cannons, confetti guns, and glow sticks, tailoring the excitement to the unique atmosphere of your event.

As the pinnacle of our performance, our mirror men dancers and performers unleash a visual symphony using custom laser guitars and violins, orchestrating a breathtaking display of laser effects. This ten-minute show-stopper is a choreographed masterpiece, a visual feast that enthralls and delights all who witness it.

When hiring Mirror Man performers, you guarantee an unparalleled act that's as captivating as innovative. Our mirror men dancers and performers stand ready to transform your occasion into an extraordinary celebration, ideal for private parties, corporate events, and any gathering that seeks to astonish and amaze your guests. Don't miss the chance to dazzle your guests; book our acclaimed Mirror Man characters for events today and let your event shine with an unrivaled, unforgettable light.


  • We have a good experience in festivals of College in New Jersey, Six Flags, U.S. Space & Rocket Center NASA, Boston Children Museum, Comic Con, Facebook Corporate Party, Honda Corporate Party, Carnival and Celebrity Cruises, Hard Rock Casino & Hotel Halloween Party, Fashion Party, Exhibition “Glass & Gloss”...


Absolutely amazing show and great people to work with. They got the crowd so interactive and had everyone dancing, from 3 years old to 80 years old. I will be using them for years to come. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Lisa Martin

Amazingly professional and accommodating. Super cool entertainment. Really gets the party going. So nice to do business with. Easy and kind. Don’t look any further. If you’re looking for unique entertainment for your party - you found your robot !

Kaiden Noia