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Digital Caricaturists for Hire

Altus Entertainment's digital caricaturists for hire blend tradition and technology to create a unique and interactive form of entertainment. Perfect for various events, our artists offer guests a personalized memento they can share and cherish forever. With our digital caricaturists, your event will not only entertain but also leave a lasting impression.

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A playful caricaturist holding up a caricature. | Altus Entertainment
Playful Caricaturist
Talented black and white and color caricaturist,Personalized caricature papers with logos or names,Offers a digital option to create caricature portraits,Can draw a live caricature in under a minute ,Unique and interactive alternative to traditional event photography
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Caricature illustration of a man enjoying beach vacation with cruise ship backdrop | Altus Entertainment
LA Digital Caricatures
Instantly shareable digital caricatures,Live caricature entertainment,Swift, skilled, and professional artist,Personalized party mementos,Engaging experience for all ages
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Caricature Illustration Artist | Altus Entertainment
Caricature Illustration Artist
Swift, personalized caricature artistry,Entertaining live illustrations for guests,Over 30 years of professional experience,Unique keepsakes from your special event
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A Caricature Artist drawing a picture of a woman at a Gala party. | Altus Entertainment
One Minute Caricatures
Fast-paced caricature drawings in about a minute per person,Can draw black and white caricatures of up to 200 people in 3 hours on customized/branded paper for an event,Ability to add color, backgrounds, and body situations to the presentation,Option to combine images to draw people in groups together,Experience of over 100 live full-color caricature shows
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Vibrant cartoon illustration of a quirky artist in a bathtub, whimsically seeking inspiration for his next sketch, perfect for entertainment content. | Altus Entertainment
Event Caricature Artist
Fast, fun caricatures in minutes,Versatility with digital and traditional mediums,Ideal for virtual and in-person events,Entertaining and professional artist,Custom caricatures for all event types
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Professional woman pondering during a business meeting with pen and notebook in hand, exemplifying corporate concentration. | Altus Entertainment
Quick-Draw Caricature Artist
Professional event caricature artist with over 20 years of experience,Draws in 3 minutes per face for a traditional black and white caricature or even just one minute per face with speed sketches,Offers both traditional and digital event caricatures with a variety of options,Artistic entertainment for any occasion
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Close-up image of a woman's face artistically painted with a vibrant beach scene for entertainment purposes | Altus Entertainment
Caricatures and Face Painter
A versatile entertainment duo offering both traditional and digital caricatures,Quality face painting services to dazzle and delight guests,An interactive iPad Photo Booth complete with props and backdrop for memorable keepsakes,Professional experience with top-tier clients ensuring reliability and exceptional service,A wide selection of games and additional entertainment options to enhance the event atmosphere
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Female Event Caricature Artist | Altus Entertainment
Female Event Caricature Artist
Unique portrait caricature hybrids,Quick individual headshots in 4-5 minutes,Custom borders and pre-drawn bodies available for an extra charge,Perfect keepsakes for any event,Engaging and friendly entertainer
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Bearded male performer with sunglasses sitting next to a vibrant caricature of himself at Spiceworld event, holding an identification badge and adorned with a plush spider toy on his shoulder. | Altus Entertainment
Modern Live Digital Caricatures
Over 20 years of art and caricature,Live digital caricature entertainment,Tailored for any event or theme,Instant digital keepsakes for guests,Traditional and 3-D caricature options
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Caricaturist for Parties and Events

Experience the unique blend of tradition and technology with Altus Entertainment's digital caricaturists for hire. Our experienced artists offer an interactive and dynamic form of entertainment, perfect for a wide range of events from corporate gatherings to private celebrations.

Adding a digital caricaturist to your event not only injects a modern touch but also serves as an engaging focal point that keeps attendees entertained. The timeless humor of seeing their faces drawn is irresistible and our branded prints allow guests to instantly share their unique portraits on social media, amplifying your event's reach.

With preserved digital caricatures, you and your guests can look back and reminisce long after the event is over. Our digital caricaturists are seasoned professionals who've showcased their talents for renowned clients like BMW, Samsung, and Microsoft, ensuring top-tier service. Each artist brings their distinctive style, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind memento from your event.

By incorporating digital caricature art into your event, you create an immersive experience where art meets technology. With our digital caricaturists, you can guarantee an unforgettable experience for your guests.