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Master Magician Storyteller

booking highlights

   Incredible live show with magic, comedy, illusions & audience participation

   Ability to combine sales with sorcery and a perfect fit for awards ceremonies, product launches, exhibitions, and more.

   With previous clients like Dior, Bloomingdales, American Express, & IBM

    Available to perform at events worldwide, based in New York

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Step into a world where reality bends and imagination takes flight with our esteemed illusion artist, a master magician whose performances transcend the ordinary. With over 45 years dazzling audiences, he imbues every show with a blend of wonderment and humor that stays with you long after the final act.

Our magician's stage production is nothing short of spellbinding, as he fuses jaw-dropping illusions with the finesse of close-up magic. He levitates the senses, vanishes skepticism, and conjures a collective gasp from the crowd with every trick. Beyond sheer entertainment, his storytelling prowess ensures a performance filled with laughter, surprise, and a touch of the mystical.

Widely recognized as an elite professional, when you hire top-rated magician and professional storyteller, he brings more than just magic to your event; he brings a storied journey of artistic excellence that has led him to perform before royalty and international crowds alike. With an impressive resume that includes authoring books, crafting multiple stage shows, and captivating people in over 25 countries, our illusionist is a treasure trove of talent.

Particularly praised for his corporate event performances, he skillfully intertwines key brand messages with enchanting sorcery, making product launches and ceremonies unforgettable. His magical and engaging stories for events reflect his ability to marry salesmanship with showmanship, which is unparalleled, ensuring that your corporate messages are not only heard but felt and remembered.

Commanding the title of master magician by none other than the New York Times, this performer is not just an entertainer; he's an experience. Book a magical storyteller for your next corporate event, private party, or festival, and witness the magic that has made him an international sensation.


  • National spokesperson:
  • AMEX
  • Levi's
  • please see full list here:


"An internationally acclaimed master magician. He delighted the audience."