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Altus Entertainment offers a diverse selection of lookalikes and impersonators, perfect for adding a unique and engaging element to any event. Our skilled performers, impersonating popular characters and celebrities, provide immersive experiences that captivate guests, from corporate functions to private gatherings. By hiring our lookalikes and strolling characters, you can bring A-List excitement and create memorable moments that will leave your guests talking long after the event.

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Three Pop Star Tributes in silver outfits posing for a photo. | Altus Entertainment
JLO Impersonator
The ultimate Jennifer Lopez lookalike that can sing and dance just like the real celebrity,Top-tier talent lookalike who provides excellent interactive fun with guests and provides plenty of photo opportunities ,Perfect for themed events, birthday parties, corporate functions, gala dinners, trade shows and, more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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An entertainer dressed as the Grinch poses in front of a pool at a children and family show. | Altus Entertainment
Holiday Walk-Around Entertainment
Diverse holiday characters for joyful interaction,Festive carolers for a musical ambiance,Engaging acts for memorable photo ops,Tailored entertainment for all holiday events,Joyful and immersive festive experience
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Santa Claus sitting in a chair | Altus Entertainment
Santa Claus Performers
Authentic Santa Claus holiday magic ,Photo ops with Santa and his helpers ,Can pass out presents or any other items,Brings Christmas joy to guests of all ages
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Marilyn Monroe lookalike posing in front of a themed entertainment door. | Altus Entertainment
Marilyn Monroe Lookalike
Marilyn Monroe impersonator has appeared in over 40 movies and films ,Marilyn Monroe impersonator is a top pick for Universal Studios Hollywood Press Events,Available to perform worldwide and based in Los Angeles, California ,Appearances in various reality TV pitches and documented
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A female performer showcasing her talent on stage under vibrant pink lighting | Altus Entertainment
Taylor Swift Cover Artist
A Taylor Swift impersonator with a remarkable resemblance to the superstar,Live singing performances with the option of a band or high-quality backing tracks,Tailorable acts, ranging from short appearances to extensive 90-minute shows,Engaging meet and greet opportunities for fans and photo ops,A heartfelt tribute show capturing the magic of Taylor Swift's most cherished hits
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A group of impersonators with guns pointing at each other. | Altus Entertainment
Uncanny Sylvester Stallone Impersonator
Authentic Rocky Balboa outfit,Spot-on Sly Stallone vocal imitation,Film and TV experienced lookalike,Custom acts for any event,Adds star power to your occasion
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A man strolling in a blue suit with his hands up | Altus Entertainment
Austin Powers Lookalike
Ultimate Austin Powers impersonator that will WOW your guests with his spot-on British Accent, comedy, and jaw-dropping fashion sense ,Past clients include Sony, Coca Cola, F1, Disney, Dior, & Pirelli,Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, galas, private parties, and more ,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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A woman in a black dress impersonating a Hollywood star poses for a photo at an event. | Altus Entertainment
Angelina Jolie look-alike
An energetic Angelina Jolie impersonator that will make you question if you're experiencing the real actress,Flirty, sassy, classy, and fun, this professional impersonator provides interactive walkabout entertainment for your guests,Perfect for themed events, birthday parties, corporate functions, ceremonies, gala dinners, and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Los Angeles
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A hilarious Dr. Evil impersonator in a purple shirt is sitting in a black chair. | Altus Entertainment
Hilarious Dr. Evil Impersonator
Hilarious and entertaining Dr. Evil who will capture your employees with company reviews and more,Previous clients include Pharmacia, MAACO and Carlyle Syntec,Ideal for product launches, trade shows, company meetings, conferences and more
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Hire Impersonator Characters to Stroll Through Your Event

Transform your event into a star-studded experience with Altus Entertainment's exceptional lookalikes and impersonators. When you hire an impersonator from our talented roster, you're not just adding entertainment to your event; you're creating an immersive and unforgettable experience that will leave your guests in awe. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a private party, or a themed soirée, our performers bring an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your celebration.

Our wide selection of lookalikes and impersonators includes characters that span the spectrum of pop culture and history. From the suave charm of James Bond lookalikes to the adventurous spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow impersonators, and even Royal Family and political figure doppelgängers, we have the perfect match for your event's theme. Imagine the buzz and excitement among your guests as they interact with these iconic figures, creating a truly unique and memorable experience.

Beyond just the visual resemblance, our impersonators are skilled performers who capture the essence of the characters they portray. They engage with guests, participate in photo ops, and can even perform acts or deliver speeches characteristic of their personas, adding depth and authenticity to their roles.

For those looking to add a touch of Hollywood glamour or A-List excitement, our celebrity reunion event options are perfect. Hiring celebrity impersonators for your event is an excellent way to create a buzz and make your guests feel like they are mingling with the stars. Our impersonators are professional, charismatic, and dedicated to making your event a success.

Altus Entertainment also offers the option to book a strolling character. These performers roam your event, interacting with guests, posing for photos, and contributing to the overall ambiance. This roaming entertainment is perfect for cocktail hours, receptions, or any part of your event where you want to add a dynamic and interactive element.

When you find celebrity look-alikes and hire impersonator characters from Altus Entertainment, you're choosing a high-quality, professional entertainment solution. We understand the importance of detail, from the costumes to the mannerisms, ensuring that our impersonators are as authentic as possible.

In conclusion, let Altus Entertainment elevate your next event with our lookalikes and impersonators. Our talented performers are ready to bring their charisma and authenticity to your gathering, ensuring an immersive and engaging experience for all your guests. Contact us today to hire lookalikes and impersonators, and prepare to dazzle your audience with an extraordinary event experience.