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Elevate your event with Altus Entertainment's captivating walkabout characters, ideal for adding an immersive and interactive element to any gathering. From strolling table characters to Disney princesses, our talented performers engage guests and create an unforgettable atmosphere, perfect for themed events and corporate functions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Altus Entertainment offers a diverse selection of walkabout characters, including beloved Disney princesses, iconic TV characters, and a variety of themed performers. These characters cater to different event themes and can be customized to suit specific preferences.

Yes! Altus Entertainment works closely with clients to tailor the selection of walkabout characters to match the event's theme and ambiance. This customization ensures that the characters seamlessly fit into the event's atmosphere, making them an integral part of the experience.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's walkabout characters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Their versatility allows them to adapt to various settings, ensuring that they can engage and entertain guests regardless of the event's location.

Acts List

An entertainer dressed as the Grinch poses in front of a pool at a children and family show. | Altus Entertainment
Holiday Walk-Around Entertainment
Diverse holiday characters for joyful interaction,Festive carolers for a musical ambiance,Engaging acts for memorable photo ops,Tailored entertainment for all holiday events,Joyful and immersive festive experience
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Two polar bears sporting backpacks as they explore, ideal for entertainment themes | Altus Entertainment
Life-like Polar Bear Act
Authentic Arctic encounter with life-like puppet,Engaging educational narrative on conservation,Expert puppetry brings wonder to any event,Interactive experience for guests of all ages,Memorable addition with environmental focus
View More
Mime Duet | Altus Entertainment
Mime Duet
Captivating silent storytelling,Unique dance and acrobatic routines,Perfect for interactive entertainment,Customizable performances for any theme,Engage and mesmerize your guests
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Santa Claus sitting in a chair | Altus Entertainment
Santa Claus Performers
Authentic Santa Claus holiday magic ,Photo ops with Santa and his helpers ,Can pass out presents or any other items,Brings Christmas joy to guests of all ages
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Trade Show Entertainment: A group of people dressed in silver standing on a ball. | Altus Entertainment
Exciting Ball Walker
This exciting Ball Walker can customize their act for any themed occasion or event ,Clients have the ability to choose to select their Ball Walker as a LED performer, mime, juggler, and more,Ideal for corporate functions, private parties, themed events, and more,Available for worldwide bookings, based in Las Vegas
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A futuristic LED mirror character robot stands under a bridge at sunset | Altus Entertainment
Futuristic LED Mirror Character
The LED mirror characters offer a variety of entertaining options for any occasion,You can even customize their lighting effects for an extra special touch!,They can be used as stage entertainment or roaming displays,These stilt walkers are a must-have for any party! They're able to mix and mingle with people while also posing for photos.,When LED mirror characters perform alongside laser performers, their impact is increased due to the combination of bright lights and music.,These amazing futuristic creatures will turn heads wherever they go. You can also get them as ground characters!
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Immersive Steampunk Circus characters posing on a red carpet. | Altus Entertainment
Immersive Steampunk Circus Characters
Walk-about characters in unique and customized steampunk costumes great for photo-ops,Perfect choice for street theater performances, living event decor or roaming characters,Can act as popcorn or sweet servers upon guest arrival or throughout events,Great for indoor and outdoor corporate galas, themed events and private parties,Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide
View More
Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer | Altus Entertainment
Multi-Talented Female Circus Performer
Versatile circus performances for any event,Elegant stilt walking with theatrical flair,Masterful juggling displays,Whimsical clown acts for all ages,Over a decade of world-class entertainment
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Entertainer performing trick with hula hoop on bicycle | Altus Entertainment
Chariot Rover
Grand entrances on a 10-foot tall platform,Circus-style aerialist bike performances,Hand balancers elevated above the crowd,Full transport and setup by our team
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Walkabout Characters for Events and Parties

Step into a world of enchantment and excitement with Altus Entertainment's walkabout characters, the perfect addition to make your event truly unforgettable. Our talented strolling entertainers, ranging from beloved Disney princesses to iconic TV characters, are experts at seamlessly engaging with your guests, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere that will elevate any event.

Whether you are hosting a grand venue opening, a fun-filled corporate day, or a themed event, our walkabout artists are the ideal choice to enhance the experience. They help ease your guests into an immersive environment, making events like a masquerade ball, an enchanted garden party, or a medieval feast feel incredibly authentic and engaging.

With our extensive selection of hire strolling characters, you have the freedom to craft the perfect experience tailored to your event's theme and vibe. Our characters are not just entertainers; they are the heartbeat of your event, transforming your gathering into an epic adventure that will be talked about long after it ends.

Our unique strolling tables acts add an extra layer of wonder and interaction. Imagine your guests being served by walking tables, a novel and delightful experience that combines practicality with entertainment. This innovative approach to serving refreshments and appetizers is not just functional; it's a conversation starter and a memorable feature of your event.

At Altus Entertainment, we believe in creating lasting memories through exceptional entertainment. Our walkabout artists are more than performers; they are storytellers and characters that bring your vision to life. Explore the possibilities with us and let our one-of-a-kind performers transform your event into a magical, unforgettable experience.

In summary, Altus Entertainment offers an unparalleled selection of walkabout characters to add a special touch to your events. By choosing to hire strolling characters from us, you are ensuring that your event is not just successful, but a spectacular adventure that will be remembered and cherished by all who attend.