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Immersive Steampunk Circus characters posing on a red carpet. | Altus Entertainment

Immersive Steampunk Circus Characters

booking highlights

   Can act as popcorn or sweet servers upon guest arrival or throughout events

   Perfect choice for street theater performances, living event decor or roaming characters

   Walk-about characters in unique and customized steampunk costumes great for photo-ops

   Great for indoor and outdoor corporate galas, themed events and private parties

   Based in Rhode Island and available for bookings worldwide

Services Offered

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We provide a range of entertainment options for your event including steampunk characters that will wander around and entertain guests with their unique styles. They're great at mixing it up, so you can take pictures or chat about what's going on in this fantastic world! The roaming performers have intriguing personalities to match every outfit, just when people think they've seen all there. They are determined not only to make sure everyone has an amazing time but also to leave feeling amazingly satisfied after spending some quality time together. These creative minds The creative minds are dedicated to crafting customized, high-quality costumes that will captivate your imagination. They have a wide range of outfits for any occasion or event you can think up, from top hats and red velvet jackets, all the way down to brass cogs and clocks!

The statues and costumed characters could even be booked as living event decor to compliment your vintage circus or Victorian theme. They will provide the perfect steampunk style and aesthetics for any occasion, with their roaming performers carrying trays of popcorn sweet treats along arrival paths into venues while handing them out at random times throughout an entire evening if needed! These curious characters are able to adapt and perform in different spaces. They can do their meet-and-greet act, or street theatre entertainment both indoors and outdoors! The perfect character for private parties that need a little something extra, like the ability, not only to talk but also to move around freely while performing at events. Immerse your guests into this world and contact us to book today!