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Interactive Characters on Stilts

booking highlights

   Truly immersive experience with interactive characters and fun photo opportunities.

   Handmade costumes that can be tailored to any theme

   Can include props like parasols and winged fans as well as bubble machines or giant flowers among others

   Stilt walkers perfect for parties, festivals, and corporate events

Services Offered

Interactive Characters on Stilts PHOTOS

The fantastic stilt entertainers will amaze guests of all ages with their performance art and grace as they tower above the event. Our performers can keep you smiling from morning until night! With our stilt artists, you can create an immersive experience for your event that includes interactive characters and fun photo opportunities. Our act makes great greeters with their high energy. During the party itself, they'll roam around providing joyous and entertaining meet and greets while costumed performers keep guests feeling carefree by taking pictures from all angles imaginable. With a large line of customizable costumes, our stilt artists will provide the perfect entertainment for your event. You can count on them to bring fun and surprises with custom performances that highlight your theme. As one-of-a-kind walkabout performers, they offer the ability to tailor everything specifically towards any theme or vision you may have in mind; whether it be parasols, wings, LED toys, and more! To book our stilt performers and make your event unforgettable, contact our specialists today!