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Cycling Circus Show

booking highlights

   Steampunk-inspired cycling spectacle

   Pedal-powered Gantry Bike stage

   Victorian-punk theatrical ambiance

   Acrobatics meet cycling innovation

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Embark on an extraordinary journey with our Cycling Circus Show, where the allure of steampunk meets the thrill of the circus. Step into an imaginative world where the art of cycling becomes a symbol of freedom and creativity. Our show takes you on an adventure where a resourceful bike shop mechanic breathes new life into more than just gears and sprockets. He crafts marvels of machinery that reignite the spirit of the cyclist in us all!

Amid a Victorian backdrop, complete with hats, goggles, and sleeve garters, our astoundingly fit and sprightly ensemble propels classic acts into a new dimension by performing on a custom-crafted, pedal-powered scaffold. As praised by critics, spoke-less wheels spin into hula hoops, an aerial hoop soars from the frame of a penny-farthing, and metal bars become a playground for climbing and contortion. Each performance is a spectacle of cycling finesse and acrobatic wonder, showcasing unicycle and bicycle prowess far exceeding the standard circus fare.

Our show merges the punk rock circus ethos with high-energy performances, delivering diverse acts that enthrall and inspire. From heart-racing stunts to elegant displays of balance and agility, the Cycling Circus Show invites audiences to be part of a world where ingenuity and passion ride side by side.

Leave behind the mundane and let the Cycling Circus Show transport you to an era where the excitement of the two-wheeled wonder melds seamlessly with circus pageantry. Are you ready to pedal into a realm of magic and mechanics? Our wheels are in motion; the adventure has begun.