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Jugglers and Diablo

Hire Jugglers and Diablo Performers

Altus Entertainment offers a diverse range of jugglers and Diabolo performers, bringing a dynamic and exciting element to any event. Our skilled artists captivate audiences with circus-style, comedy, and contact juggling, alongside the ancient art of diabolo, creating a captivating and memorable experience ideal for festivals, private parties, and corporate events.

FAQ: Jugglers and Diablo

Diabolo is a juggling prop originating from the Chinese yoyo. It involves spinning and manipulating a spinning top on a string using handsticks. It adds a unique and visually captivating dimension to juggling performances.

Yes, clients can discuss their preferences and vision with Altus Entertainment's performers to tailor the act to the event's theme or desired style.

Absolutely. Altus Entertainment prioritizes safety and ensures that all necessary precautions are taken when performing acts that involve fire or potentially hazardous props.

Yes, Altus Entertainment's performers are highly adaptable and can customize their acts to suit various venues and accommodate different audience sizes.


Acts List

Circus Jugglers and Diablo Acts for Events and Parties

Bring a cascade of excitement and awe to your event with Altus Entertainment's talented jugglers and Diabolo performers. When you choose to hire jugglers and Diabolo performers from our roster, you are not just adding an act to your event; you're infusing it with a dynamic blend of skill, humor, and artistry. Our performers are masters of their craft, captivating audiences with a variety of juggling styles, from the classic circus jugglers to the modern and mesmerizing art of the diabolo.

Our walkabout jugglers are the epitome of mobile entertainment, seamlessly moving through your event and engaging guests with their circus-style juggling, comedy-infused performances, and the delicate art of contact juggling. These versatile artists bring an element of surprise and delight, making every interaction a unique and memorable experience.

The diabolo, an evolution of the Chinese yoyo, adds a unique and fascinating dimension to our juggling acts. Our diabolo performers showcase incredible skill and coordination, spinning and manipulating the diabolo in ways that defy gravity and captivate audiences. This ancient art form, combined with a modern twist, is a visual spectacle that adds a distinct flair to any event.

Perfect for festivals, private parties, and corporate events, our sophisticated juggling acts create an atmosphere of amazement and wonder. The universal appeal of our jugglers and diabolo artists transcends language and cultural barriers, making them ideal for entertaining guests of all ages and nationalities.

Our roaming circus entertainment is not just about the performance; it's about the interaction and the shared moments of joy and wonder. With easily transportable props and the ability to adapt to any venue, our jugglers and diabolo artists ensure that the entertainment flows smoothly and reaches every corner of your event.

Imagine the thrill your guests will experience as they witness the skill and precision of our famous jugglers, each performer bringing their unique style and personality to their act. From juggling flaming torches to balancing delicate objects, our artists push the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that your event is talked about long after the final bow.

In conclusion, hiring jugglers and Diabolo performers from Altus Entertainment means bringing a touch of magic and excitement to your special occasion. Our exceptional performers are ready to dazzle and entertain, making your event utterly memorable. Explore our captivating roster of jugglers and diabolo artists today, and let us add a spectacular dimension to your event.