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Fire Artists performing acrobatics on top of fire. | Altus Entertainment

Fire or LED Performance Duo

booking highlights

   Over 15 years of performance mastery

   Tailored acts for any venue or event

   Fully insured, prioritizing safety for guests and venues

   Safe, mesmerizing LED alternatives

   They expertly combine juggling, dance, and roaming entertainment

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Ignite the imagination of your audience with a unique LED performance show that blends the artistry of light with precision choreography. Let us present the Fire or LED Performance Duo, a mesmerizing act that has dazzled crowds for over 15 years. This professional LED performance duo combines technology and talent to create an otherworldly spectacle that will transform any event into an unforgettable experience.

Whether you're planning a corporate gala, a private party, or a special event, our futuristic LED light acts are designed to captivate and enchant. With an arsenal of LED props that mimic the thrill of fire, this duo provides the same intense visual impact without risks, making it perfect for venues with fire restrictions.

For those occasions that call for a more elemental display, our seasoned performers bring the primal allure of fire to life with fire shoes, firebugs, staff, fans, and poi, all handled with unparalleled skill and creativity. Choose an ambient fire performance to set a mystical tone, or opt for a fully choreographed fire show that's sure to be the highlight of the evening.

Booking a unique LED performance show means giving your guests a performance and a sensory journey. The combination of LED and fire elements guarantees a spectacle that's both cutting-edge and deeply primal, offering the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

Invite our Fire or LED Performance Duo to your event, and watch as they light up the night with their dynamic, fiery artistry and glowing precision. It's more than entertainment—an elemental dance where light and flame converge to tell a captivating story.


  • Coca cola
  • Cirque Productions
  • Hendrix Gin
  • Absolute Entertainment
  • LiveNation
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Don Casino
  • Princess Cruises
  • Maybury Webb Productions
  • ABC
  • Delta Airlines
  • Dos Equis


I wanted to take a moment to extend my personal thanks for joining us on Sunday. You did an incredible job of turning a vague "tailgate-inspired" performance request into a thrilling multi-disciplinary number. ”


“ This pair combines acrobatics, strength, and gymnastics to create an incredible act! ”


“...that was really great ”


"They can do anything"

FRANCIS FORD CUPPOLA, Producer of The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, winner of 5 oscars