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Fire & LED Performer

booking highlights

   Unparalleled artistry and expression in every performance

   Mesmerizing dance and prop manipulation that ignites the energy

   Mastery of fire, LED props, and juggling for a visual spectacle

   Enhances the atmosphere at conventions, nightclubs, and dance parties

   Possesses a mastery of fire fans, fire buugeng, and fire hoops

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Illuminate your next event with the dazzling artistry of our Fire & LED Performer. This extraordinary artist enthralls audiences with a breathtaking blend of dance and prop manipulation, crafting captivating visual spectacles with fire and light.

Watch as she masterfully manipulates fire fans, fire buugeng, and fire hoops, dancing amidst the flames to create a mesmerizing spectacle. The show continues as she switches to LED fans, hoops, buugeng, and juggling clubs, each glowing movement further enhancing the captivating visual experience.

Our performer's passion for movement and the human experience shines through in her artistry, bringing a unique depth and expressiveness to each performance. Whether your event is a convention, a nightclub, a dance party, or any other gathering, our talented Fire Performers and LED Dancers will enhance the atmosphere, taking your event to new heights.

So, when it comes to hiring LED performers for your event, choose a performer who truly knows how to light up a room. Book our electrifying LED Dancer today and immerse your guests in a world of fire and light they won't soon forget.

  • Area 15
  • Terrace afters
  • Conventions
  • Personal events